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Wildcat Wednesday - Letter of the Law


This week we'll spotlight three members of the Arizona Law community: student Ashley Gilmore, Prof. Rob Williams, and alumnus Andrew Barbour.


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Student News
Ashley Gilmore (Class of 2013)

3L Ashley Gilmore was born and raised in Texas, but love and law school brought her to Tucson.


She attended Stanford University for her undergrad, majoring in political science. After college, she worked for the consulting firm Accenture while living in San Francisco. "That's where I met my now husband, Jeff Gilmore, who was also a Stanford grad," she said. "Jeff wanted to go to law school, and loved the city of Tucson, where he had come for baseball spring training when he was drafted. We packed it up and drove here, and Jeff started law school."


Slowly but surely, Ashley was being drawn in to the law. "I found myself throwing questions at Jeff every night when he got home from class, and I started thinking that this could be something I'd want to do as well!" So she studied for and took the LSAT, and put all her eggs in one basket - and applied only to Arizona Law.


Gilmore, Ashley
Ashley and her husband, Jeff

"We had ourselves a celebration when I got in, and an even bigger one when I got my scholarship! We owe so much to the school and are so grateful to have been able to learn from the amazing faculty here."


Last year, Ashley enjoyed her term as President of the Law Women's Association, widely known as the LWA. "Female lawyers in the Tucson community are so supportive of us, and so generous with their time and advice. It was wonderful to help foster relationships between women. The entire law school, but the women in the law school especially, are so kind and supportive of one another."


After graduation, Ashley plans to focus on criminal law. "I'm applying to work at the DA's office in my hometown, Fort Worth, Texas, but they don't take applications until June. If that doesn't work out, I'm looking at going into criminal defense."


One challenging aspect of Ashley's 3L year is the distance that now separates her from her husband. "Since Jeff graduated last year, he has already moved to Fort Worth and works at an aviation defense firm. So being without him this year has been difficult, but the wonderful law community here - from the faculty to my friends - have made it much easier!"


Outside of school, Ashley says that she loves being on the water and that she has been sailing since she was a kid. "I also volunteer with Make-A-Wish here in Tucson, which has been very rewarding."


In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, especially to exotic countries like Myanmar and Mauritius. Though lately, she admits that "the only travel I do is between Tucson and DFW!"

You can connect with Ashley through her LinkedIn profile.


Faculty News
Robert Williams

Robert Williams, the E. Thomas Sullivan Professor of Law and American Indian Studies, has been with the College since 1987.


"I was recruited here in 1987 from the University of Wisconsin by the President of the University at the time, Dr. Henry Koffler, and the Provost Nils Hasselmo," Rob recalls. "I was given the charge 'to build the best program in the world' for the study of American Indian and indigenous peoples law."


Williams, Rob

Rob said, "I couldn't think of a better place to do that than Arizona, and with the support of the great deans we've had here, Tom Sullivan, Joel Seligman, Toni Massaro, and Larry Ponoroff, and the incredible group of native and non-native students who've been attracted to the College because of the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program, we've been able to achieve that goal."


Those connections have helped Rob continue to love the work that he pursues. "Here's an example of why Arizona Law is the best place in the world to study indigenous peoples law and policy. Along with two students who accompanied me to a workshop, Steve Cornell, Director of the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy and faculty member of the Native Nations Institute, was also part of the U of A team. And Professor Jim Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, gave his presentation via Skype from Thailand. There's no place else in the world that could come close to putting together that type of team to serve the legal needs of indigenous peoples. It's very exciting, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be here at Arizona Law."


Rob enjoys teaching, and especially likes working with students on cases and projects for indigenous peoples around the world through the IPLP clinic, human rights workshop, and other opportunities. "I've worked with students at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission in Washington, DC, at the UN Working Group on Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, and before tribal councils and courts throughout Arizona."


In fact, Rob is away at this moment on Vancouver Island with two of our IPLP students, Renee Racette and David Newstone. "They're helping me conduct a Constitutions and Indigenous Governance Workshop for one of our IPLP clinic clients, the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group, funded by the Canadian government."


Rob has seen a lot of changes over the years in indigenous peoples law and policy, but one sticks out to him now. "I think the most important development since I entered law teaching is the increasing focus on native nation-building. We do a lot of work with the Native Nations Institute here on that important task, as tribes move from the courtroom where they battled to secure and define their rights to land, resources, and self-determination, to the hard tasks of governance and sustainability."

Williams, Rob - Book

Rob's 2012 book, "Savage Anxieties: The Invention of Western Civilization," challenges the construction of the idea of the savage, going back to the foundations of Western civilization. You can read about the book on its website or order a copy here.


Rob also maintains a full schedule of speaking engagements, and he has an event in Santa Fe in early April. Rob encourages anyone at the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference to attend; you can read more about it here.

Rob has taken a leadership role on the curricular discussions surrounding the 3L bar initiative. With guidance from Rob, participation from the entire faculty, input from students, and extensive counsel from lawyers and judges over the past two years,  the 3L bar initiative promises to offer both a faster path to practice and significant and cutting-edge curricular reforms. You can find Rob's published papers or connect with him through his faculty profile.


Alumni News
Andrew Barbour ('08)

Andrew Barbour has lived all over the world, and he came to the College to bring an international focus to his law school studies.


"I had applied to several law schools around the country," said Andrew, "but U of A was always my first choice. Part of that was a motivation for returning to Tucson where I did my undergrad, but I had also spent a few years overseas before law school in Korea, Israel, Russia, and the UAE just to name a few. Fortunately, Arizona Law had, and has, a great reputation for international trade and business law thanks to faculty members like Professor Gantz and Professor Kozolchyk."


Andrew admits that his law school memories aren't just of the easier moments. "I have come to appreciate even the times Barbour, Andrew I remember struggling to sort certain concepts out in my head - I'm looking at you, springing executory interests! - or having my mind go blank when cold-called in class."


"I think the most meaningful experience during my time was my semester-long externship with Judge Raner Collins at the District Court. I loved the research and writing, and especially seeing my work matter. Until then, it had literally all been academic. This was the law come to life."


Looking back, he notes that the weather played a factor in his enjoyment as well. "It was minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit in Seoul during January. Brrr."


After graduation, Andrew went into a position well-suited for international trade and business law. "I'm still at my first job, at Hyundai Corporation in Korea. We're a trading company exporting any number of Hyundai products overseas - cars, ships, trains, steel, among others - and every day I'm dealing with topics from Professor Kozolchyk's International Commercial Transactions class."


In fact, Andrew finds the work so compelling that he recently became a Certified Documentary Credit Specialist. "Likewise, Professor Gantz's International Trade Law class introduced me to customs matters that are so fascinating that I've applied for my Customs Broker license."


Other than professionally, Andrew says he has changed very little since law school. "I keep in touch with a good number of my classmates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but I'd love to reconnect with other classmates and get in touch with other alumni as well!"

You can get in touch with Andrew through his LinkedIn profile.




Two Named Fellows of the American College of Bankruptcy

On March 15, at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., alumnus Steven Berger ('84) and Professor Jean Braucher were inducted as Fellows of the American College of Bankruptcy. Professor Braucher joins former Dean and Professor Larry Ponoroff as the second ACB fellow on the Arizona Law faculty.


The American College of Bankruptcy (ACB) is an honorary association of commercial and consumer bankruptcy attorneys, corporate turnaround specialists, judges, academics, bankruptcy trustees, and government officials. The fellows are selected on the basis of a "proven record of the highest standards of professionalism and service to the profession."  


U of A American Constitution Society (ACS) Chapter Noted

The Arizona Law American Constitution Society chapter was named chapter of the week by the national ACS, reflecting a year of debates on election rights, voting rights, and other topics. On April 8, ACS and Pride Law will present a talk by ASU Professor Zachary Kramer titles "LGBT Gender Discrimination in the Workplace, The Past, Present, and Future of the Gender-Stereotyping." 


Online Recurring Giving

Arizona Law introduces an easier, greener way to show your support:



Special Visitor - Larry Kramer

Former Stanford Law School Dean and Professor Larry Kramer, currently serving as President of the Hewlett Foundation, gave a talk today to the law school and university communities on "The Past, Present and Future of Legal Education." Dean Kramer visits the U of A wearing both hats. While at the U of A, he will also meet with leading researchers in environmental science, energy, and education-areas of focus for the Hewlett Foundation.


Conversations with Bob Mundheim

Professor Bob Mundheim continued his lunchtime conversations this week with Tim Flynn, the former CEO of KPMG, and currently a member of the Board of Directors with Walmart and JP Morgan.


The three remaining dates follow. If you would like to join the conversations, please let us know as seating is limited.

  • Wednesday, April 3 - Brandon Becker, General Counsel for TIAA-CREF and formerly Director of Trading and Markets at the SEC
  • Monday, April 8 - John Cannon, Shearman & Sterling
  • Wednesday, April 10 - Gene Sykes, head of Goldman Sachs' mergers and acquisition practice


LCA Dinner - Get Your Tickets Now! (the price goes up in two days - March 29)

We expect a great crowd at the 39th Annual Law College Association (LCA) Dinner. If for any reason you have not yet reserved your tickets, do so now, and help the LCA and the Arizona Law community celebrateAnna Maria Chavez ('94), Catherine Douglass ('76), Prof. Steven Duke ('59), Larry Hecker ('69, '72), Prof. Thomas Mauet, and The Honorable Frank Zapata ('73).


For more information, or to register for the dinner, click here.


Conference on Current Issues in International Trade Law - Friday, April 5

On Friday, April 5, from 9:45am - 6pm, the College is hosting a day of discussions entitled "Current Issues in International Trade Law: Challenges and Opportunities." Panelists include professors Boris Kozolchyk and David Gantz, adjunct professors Marek Dubovec and Bob Hornick, visiting professor Francisco Reyes, and leading trade lawyers. All events will be held in room 160. For more information on the event, click here.



As you can see, Arizona Law is a lively place. Days and weeks filled with (sometimes conflicting) major events help us to appreciate the vast intellectual and professional smorgasbord presented by a great law school and a great university.


As always, we hope you share this repast with us, whenever possible in person (or by reading or watching at a distance), but always in spirit.



Marc Miller

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James E. Rogers College of Law

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