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This week's three featured members of the Arizona Law community are student Alexandra Felchlin, Adjunct Professor Larry Hecker, and alumnus Fred Reish. Enjoy!


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Student News
Alexandra Felchlin (Class of 2013)

Ali Felchlin came to Arizona Law with an interest in international law, and she's been able to indulge her interest in many ways, including experiencing what practicing is like across the pond.

  Felchlin, Ali

"When I was looking at law schools, I was really interested in the International Trade and Business Law Certificate Program offered at the College. I've always been interested in working on a global scale, and this seemed to be the perfect place to get the legal education that would provide me with the opportunity. On top of that, generous scholarship support from Arizona Law made it very affordable to pursue the kind of legal education that I wanted."


Ali has been an active member of the Arizona Law community and says that her time here has been extremely beneficial. "The professors here - especially Professor Gantz who heads the International Law Certificate Program - had a direct impact on strengthening my legal skills, practically and theoretically, and have helped ensure that I will succeed in my future."


She utilized her education while interning at the US Embassy in London. While there, she worked in the Office of Management and was tasked with various jobs including researching the legal responsibilities for the Embassy in regard to various taxation issues under international law.


"One of my favorite jobs was organizing a joint-Mission (Embassy) Committee on Procurement," Ali said. "It meant that I got to interact and coordinate a committee that would have a lasting impact, not only on the US Embassy but also other embassies in London. In organizing the joint-Mission Committee, I had the opportunity to meet with members of several different Missions and learned how to work with people from all over the world, not just Europe."


Living and working abroad really agreed with her. "I absolutely loved it! I was lucky enough to find affordable (in London terms) housing in a very nice area of central London. It was a short commute to work on the Tube, and I was able to do all of the sightseeing that I wanted, including frequent trips to the National Gallery and the occasional Chelsea football game with my housemates. It was an amazing experience working and living in one of the world's most exciting cities."


After graduation, Ali plans to work for a government or corporation dealing with international trade disputes or customs law. And while she does enjoy the Tucson weather, she admits that she'd really like the opportunity to live abroad again and work with foreign governments.


You can connect with Ali on her LinkedIn profile

Faculty News
Lawrence Hecker ('72)

In 2007, Professor Larry Hecker took an opportunity to collaborate with the U of A business school, and students from both colleges have profited ever since.

Hecker, Larry

"The opportunity to participate in an innovative and collaborative effort with the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship was intriguing and also presented me with a tremendous opportunity to hone my own skills." In his own practice, Larry focuses on corporate law and securities regulation, real estate, business start-up, capital formation transactions, corporations, and corporate finance.


Within the first month of the Business / Law exchange course, entitled Law and Entrepreneurship, law students are assigned to business venture teams at the McGuire Center who are creating start-up companies from scratch, and those business venture teams become the "clients" of the law students for the rest of the year.


"The venture students are just formulating their ideas, and it's nice to have some legal input. One of the law students' first assignments is to identify the legal issues that the start-up needs to be sensitive to."


Law students assist their clients with choice of entity, intellectual property issues, trademarks, patents, securities regulations, immigration issues, FDA issues, interstate transportation, compliance with state liquor laws, and zoning requirements.


"One of my students had to draft a patent license agreement. The students do draft agreements, talk to their client about it, and then I review it," Larry said. "If a specialized issue comes up, members of the local bar are generous with their time and also help review documents for students."


During the second semester, most of the class time is used talking about the issues law students are working on with their venture team clients.


"We run it like a law firm," Larry said. "Each week when we meet as a class, part of our time, we say, 'OK. What issues are out there?' and we talk about problems or issues that one of the teams may have. It may be one of the students in the class has some expertise and can help their colleagues out. Just the way it would work in a law firm."


Some of the teams stay in contact after the year has ended. Sometimes, once students pass the bar, they become the legal representative for the startup business.


"The lawyer is already familiar with the business and issues involved. It saves time and is helpful for everyone," he said. Larry has also seen students gain a head start in the job market through the experience they gain in his class.


"Law students have a vast body of knowledge that they've dealt with primarily in a theoretical way. They come to my class knowing the law, but applying the law in a situation involving someone who doesn't speak law is the challenge."


That experience proves to be of real value to the students. "I had a call from a lawyer in Phoenix who was interested in one of my students. When I explained the program to him it was a plus, knowing that the catch-up time dealing with real-world situations would be less for someone who has already had that experience."


Larry is quick to share his experience and networks to benefit his students, something his own Arizona Law professors did for him. "They were helpful as I started a practice in areas of business law that were new to Tucson at the time. As a proud graduate of the university, I gladly do the same for my former students."


In and out of the classroom, Larry leads by example as he demonstrates how lawyers can play an important role in business and as community leaders. "It all makes the students feel more part of the community," he said. "And hopefully one of the results will also be more job opportunities for law graduates in start-ups and high-tech companies."

This weekend, Larry will be honored by the
University of Arizona Alumni Association and the LCA with the Professional Achievement Award at the annual LCA dinner. Until then, you can read more about him on his faculty profile. 


Alumni News
Fred Reish ('69)

Fred Reish is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Drinker Biddle focusing his practice on employee benefits and executive compensation.

  Reish, Fred

After he graduated from Tempe High School and ASU, Fred's goal was to stay in Arizona and start a career as a practicing attorney. "Since I was an Arizona resident, I knew about the University of Arizona law school, and I knew that it was highly regarded. To make it even easier, at that time it was the only law school in Arizona! But I was ready for a change of scenery; I wanted new experiences and new people, and I also wanted to take advantage of the vast network of U of A lawyers throughout the state."


As Fred found out, there was a lot to like about Arizona Law. "My favorite memory is being part of the "carpenters." Then-Dean Charles Ares spoke about the school developing "architects" of the future of the law and the community. As young people, we were somewhat irreverent and decided that we would be perfectly happy being legal carpenters... making a living and doing the hard work of lawyers."


"To be fair, the Vietnam War was raging at the time and our generation was committed to setting our own course, which, when combined with a fair amount of distress of institutions, caused us to question almost everything. In that sense, the label of "carpenters" was more a challenge to conventional academic thinking than it was a desire to hammer legal nails."


When Fred graduated, he began a legal career that has been filled with recognition, awards, publications, and noteworthy accomplishments. Recently, Fred was honored by RIABiz, an online publication for Registered Investment Advisors, as one of the Ten Most Influential Individuals in the 401(k) Industry.


To this day, he still loves what he does. "From a personal perspective, the first thing that everyone should know is that I have thoroughly enjoyed - and continue to enjoy - being a lawyer and a professional."


"Somehow, by the grace of God, I found the right course in life... and, of course, the U of A education made it possible for me to do that. I love being a lawyer and could have never had the same satisfaction or success in any other area. It was a perfect fit. Because of that, I continue to practice law and will for years to come. For me, the law is a noble calling."


Over the years, he has been able to see his practice develop in interesting ways. "I am really an educator, but not in the traditional sense. That is, I don't teach at a college or university. Instead, I teach business people through articles, webcasts, and speaking engagements. For example, I probably give 40 to 50 presentations a year, which is not typical of attorneys. It has allowed me to combine my desire to teach with my passion for the law."


Fred has also started a new blog designed to provide timely updates and insights on the retirement industry. You can read more about Fred on his blog or at his attorney profile.



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Influential Women Across Borders - April 26

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The 39th Annual Law College Association (LCA) Dinner takes place this Saturday, April 27 at the Westward Look Resort. You can still join the more than 200 members of the LCA and the Arizona Law community who will join together to help celebrate Anna Maria Chavez ('94), Catherine Douglass ('76), Prof. Steven Duke ('59), Larry Hecker ('69, '72), Prof. Thomas Mauet, and The Honorable Frank Zapata ('73).


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Graduation - May 10

At 7:30pm on Friday, May 10th, commencement ceremonies for the class of 2013 will take place at Centennial Hall on main campus. Please join me in congratulating Arizona Law's latest graduating class, marking more than 95 years of Arizona Law graduates.


A ceremony for graduating students being honored with awards will be held for the class of 2013 on Friday in the Lewis and Roca Lobby at the College from 10am - 12pm. We honor all of our graduates for their passion, intelligence, and engagement, and we look forward to having them become members of our alumni community.


Today is the final day of classes for this academic year, which brings a calm to the College as students prepare for exams. Still, Tucson remains full of excitement with the Pima County Fair, the Mount Lemon Marathon, and the Arizona International Film Festival.





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