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It is another active week here at Arizona Law-our norm!  Classes are back in full swing.  Justice Goodwin Liu of the California Supreme Court gives the 34th Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture tomorrow, next week we host a full-day conference celebrating the work of Carol Rose and Richard Brooks, "Saving the Neighborhood", and we are preparing to kick off an exciting new initiative at 5 p.m. on February 6th with a lecture on jury selection by California attorney Thomas V. Girardi. 


Our well of events is deep; our mountain of talent is high. This week, we feature student Lacee Collins, alumnus Robert Cromwell, and Professor Nina Rabin.



Until the footnotes,




Lacee Collins (JD '16)

For 1L student Lacee Collins, the decision to attend Arizona Law meant coming home. According to Lacee,  



"I always knew I would be a Wildcat, I just didn't realize it would be as a student here. I grew up in Tucson and went to Flowing Wells High School, but I left Arizona to attend college and play basketball at Chapman University in Orange, CA. With a major in broadcast journalism and minors in coaching and English, my first job out of college was coaching softball at McNeese State in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I worked my way back into television and a ticket closer to home when I was hired at KYMA, the NBC-Affiliate in Yuma, AZ. That station just happens to be owned by our namesake James E. Rogers, so I suppose I was destined then to end up at Arizona Law, I just didn't know it."



Lacee's career eventually took her from Arizona to Pittsburgh, PA where she covered the Pirates and the Penguins,. After twelve years as a television sports reporter, Lacee was ready for a change of career, and was drawn to law school. "While I took tours at other schools, I knew right away University of Arizona was where I belonged. I liked the smaller class concept, I felt like everyone truly cared about me and I wasn't just a number. I knew this would be the best place for me to get my legal education and also take advantage of living close to my family. Not to mention I still get to dabble in the media industry, covering Arizona football and basketball games for the flagship radio station, 1290 The Source."  


Lacee made the decision to become a Wildcat last spring after visiting Arizona Law for a prospective student reception. She shared her decision on the air, prompting a bevy of responses from alumni and friends who heard the announcement. Lacee -- thank you for making the Arizona Law community your team for life.  


Lacee is enjoying her first year of law school. Initially she assumed she would pursue a career in sports law.   However, after just one semester, she has realized that there are lots of career options available to her. "Our Career Development staff has taught me to keep my options open and that's what I am doing, although as Virginia Clarke, Director of Professional Development, once said to me, "you don't mind swimming with the sharks." That's true indeed, but I'm a 1L so I still have time to figure out just where that might be."
Nina Rabin


Professor Nina Rabin directs the Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program; co-directs the Immigration Clinic with Professor Lynn Marcus; and directs the Workers' Rights Clinic. She shares her expertise through a joint appointment with the Southwest Institute for Research on Women, the research arm of the women's studies department at the U of A. In the clinics Nina supervises students as they provide legal services to immigrants in Southern Arizona and conduct policy research.


After college Nina traveled to rural Honduras, planning to be a classroom teacher. A year observing the systemic nature of the problems confronting the families she worked with led her to law school at Yale. Nina met her husband, Professor Dave Marcus, there. After clerking for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Judge (and former USC law school Dean Dorothy Nelson, and spending several years in private practice in Oakland, Nina found her way into clinical legal education. "As a clinical law professor, I can be a teacher, advocate, and researcher all at once, and I truly can't imagine a more fulfilling job.  On a daily basis, I marvel at my luck. I have the opportunity to do this work here in Tucson, where I am surrounded by such a vibrant community of students, faculty, and organizations."


Currently, Nina is working on three projects. The first grows out of a case for one of the clinic's clients. It explores the relationship between individuals and administrative bureaucracies and highlights some of the structural reasons people get "lost" in the system.


Second, Nina is studying working conditions of low-wage immigrant women workers in Tucson. Over the course of the last year, she has drawn on the casework of the Immigrant Workers' Project and surveys conducted by Tiana O'Konek, the Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program's Fellow to inform her work.


Her third project involves asylum claims from Mexico. Currently, most asylum claims from Mexico are denied. Nina hopes to expand the College of Law's immigration clinic as a resource for developing the factual and legal underpinnings of putting together successful asylum cases.


Outside of her busy life at the college, Nina helps tend to Ella - four, Leo - Six, and Dave - thirty five.

Robert Cromwell (BA '88, JD '93)

A lifetime Tucsonan, Robert Cromwell earned both his undergraduate degree and his JD from the U of A. Both of his parents also attended the College of Law in the '70s, and he fondly remembers running around the old law school building on Park Avenue. "It was kind of fun going to law school in the '90s with professors and staff who knew you as a kid.  Some of the stories I could tell from the '70's..." Given his connections in Tucson and strong ties to Arizona Law the decision to attend was an easy one.


After passing the bar in '93, Robert decided to take some time off to travel around the Western US and Europe. During his travels he visited a friend from his undergraduate years who had moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft. The lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest and the "infinite number of mountains to climb" drew Robert's attention. He moved to Seattle the following year, and after a little time in the Northwest, he was sold. Robert began his career as a clerk for a trial judge (an experience he recommends to anyone who wants to be a litigator) before joining the Washington State Attorney General's Office for nine years. His work at the AG's office for six years on the utility consumer advocate team, working on electric, natural gas, and telecommunications issues. This experience would shape his career.  


Robert then transitioned to the Seattle City Attorney's Office. There, he represented the city's water and electric utilities. In 2007, Robert left the office to "become the client" when he joined the electric utility. He is now part of the management team at Seattle City Light, where he leads a group of people managing the long-term power and transmission agreements, renewable resource acquisitions, and regional affairs. Recently, Robert has spent most of his time working on the Columbia River Treaty with Canada. He is also working on the potential development of a "five-minute energy market" for the Northwest. Despite having not practiced law in the traditional sense in eight years, Robert maintains his bar membership in the spirit of "never say never..."


Robert remembers his time at Arizona Law with great fondness, admitting that he could have gotten better grades, but couldn't have possibly enjoyed the experience any more than he did. Robert wishes to share with his fellow alumni that he now has a lovely wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Lyra, and lives on Bainbridge Island, a stunning thirty-five minute ferry ride from the bustling downtown of Seattle. He invites anyone to travel up to the beautiful Northwest and catch up with him. I should note that if you are headed to the Northwest, you may run into other Arizona Law alumni. Robert is one of approximately 75 Arizona Law alumni in the Seattle and Portland Corridor.



Coming soon!


Due to popular demand, we have moved tomorrow's lecture into the Ares Auditorium (room 164) and re-opened registration. Register here.  



"Saving the Neighborhood"-Full Day Conference.  Friday, January 31st 9a.m.-4:30p.m. 

        •  Join us at the law school as we celebrate the book by our colleague Carol Rose and Columbia Law School professor Richard Brooks, exploring the history and continuing implications of racially restrictive housing covenants.

Panelists include:

        • Robert Gordon (Professor of Law, Stanford and Chancellor Kent Professor Emeritus of Law and Legal History (Yale Law School),
        • Risa Goluboff (John Allan Love Professor of Law, Justice Thurgood Marshall Distinguished Professor of Law, and Professor of History at the University of Virginia),
        • Lani Guinier (Bennett Boskey Professor at Harvard Law School),
        • Gerald Torres (Bryant Smith Chair in Law at the University of Texas at Austin),
        • Gabriel "Jack" Chin (Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law and the former Chester H. Smith Professor of Law, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law), and
        • Price V. Fishback (Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management).


Thomas Girardi to deliver the inaugural Civil Justice lecture, "Jurors No Longer Decide Facts - They Decide Philosophies" on Thursday, February 6, 5-6:15 p.m.




Legendary California trial attorney Thomas V. Girardi will give the Inaugural Lecture for the Arizona Law Civil Justice Initiative.  Thursday, February 6, 5-6:15 p.m.  Ares Auditorium.  Reception to follow.    

  • Thomas V. Girardi is known as one of the great trial lawyers in the United States.  He has been involved in many major individual and class action cases, including the case against Pacific Gas & Electric that was portrayed in the movie Erin Brokovich, and the major settlement with the major pharmaceutical company Merck for injuries caused by the drug Vioxx.  Mr. Girardi is a member of the Board of Directors and former President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.   Mr. Girardi and his Los Angeles firm, Girardi Keese, represent many former players and their families in the case against the National Football League for concussions and brain injuries that resulted in a $765 million settlement.  


Congratulations to alumnus Peter Culp ('01), a partner at the Phoenix office of Squire Sanders on receiving recognition from the Secretary of the Interior for his work spearheading the Minute 319 Binational Partnership which aims to restore flows to the Colorado River Delta - a project Peter began in 1999 while a student at Arizona Law. Read more about Minute 319 here.  Peter is a member of our Board of Visitors.



Networking Noshes at Arizona Law  

to be held in the Lewis Roca Rothgerber Lobby 


February 27 4:30-6:00p.m.


March 27 4:30-6:00p.m.


Connections between alumni and students are important part of the Arizona Law community.  To help facilitate those connections, we are launching a new networking series. If you are an alum willing to return to campus to spend time with and advise students, please sign up by emailing Marissa White.



Thank you to all of our donors and a special thank you to our new Arizona Law Fellows

The following alumni and friends made donations in December.   

The names in bold are Arizona Law Fellows.


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I look forward to seeing all of you who are near enough at the Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture by Justice Liu on "Justice and the Distribution of Educational Opportunity."






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