It's always a great time to connect with Arizona Law and fellow Wildcats!

We look forward to seeing our Los Angeles alumni and friends at our reception tomorrow, August 2. If you're in the area, please join us! (Note the location change to the aptly named Public School Restaurant & Bar.)
And on Friday, August 4, we'll gather with Mexico City alumni! To join us in Mexico City, sign up here.

Our Arizona Law reception in New Mexico two summers ago
In today's edition of Letter of the Law, we bring you an update on one of our alumni in New Mexico,  Lisa Henne . We'll be in Albuquerque next week on the 8th for a luncheon aimed at connecting our alums with employers -- find out more here
Rounding out the list is our reception in Phoenix on August 9. Come cool off with us -- sign up here.

The week after that we'll start an extended gathering of our future alumni -- also known as our new class!

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Spotlight on Lisa Henne ('14)
Class of 2014 alumna, Lisa Henne , is an Illinois transplant who has spent more than a dozen years immersed in science, law, and water policy in northern New Mexico.  She has been studying and working in water resources since the early 1990s. 

Equipped with a PhD in regional planning from the University of Illinois, Lisa first moved to New Mexico in 2003 for a postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she worked for almost 10 years.
Lisa decided to go to law school to gain additional credibility and credentials to pursue a career path focused on water law and policy. She chose the University of Arizona and Arizona Law because they "are very well respected for all things water." She took the plunge, so to speak, moving to Tucson in 2011.
The friendships Lisa made in law school made a lasting impression, and she truly enjoyed being in dialogue with her classmates on a wide variety of ethical and legal questions throughout her time at Arizona Law.
"One great memory is from new student orientation when we were being asked a tricky ethics question about what we would do if another attorney accidentally sent us a document that we weren't meant to see. Most of the students were trying to figure out how to answer without looking bad, but one of my classmates said she absolutely would read it, which was probably what all of us would actually do but nobody wanted to say it. I knew right then that I wanted to be her friend, and indeed, she and I became very close friends and have stayed in touch."

Lisa recalls that a favorite place in Tucson was walking her dog along the Rillito River and through the campus farm to visit the sheep, goats, and horses: "I'm not much of a city person, so those places were my refuges."
Lisa has no doubt that her law degree helped her transition to her current work with a public land agency and honed her expertise and credentials in water law and policy -- a vital issue throughout the U.S. Southwest.
After graduation, she began working remotely from Santa Fe for a very small firm in Las Cruces, mostly representing irrigation districts in southern New Mexico and developing a water marketing policy for the lower Rio Grande. After two years, she took a position at the New Mexico State Land Office (SLO) in Santa Fe. She explains that SLO manages 9 million acres of surface estate and 16 million acres of mineral estate to generate revenue for public schools and other trust beneficiaries.
"Water and environmental issues are woven through a lot of the agency's work, and the current Commissioner of Public Lands is very interested in water conservation, particularly given the high demand for water for oil and gas development. I love the variety in my work and never knowing what will be coming across my desk in a given day. The agency has a lot of technical staff, and I particularly enjoy working with them."
Lisa is making the most of living in northern New Mexico:
"I bought a house last fall in a small community about 30 minutes from downtown Santa Fe and adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest, and at the moment that's my favorite place to be with my dogs, cats, and chickens, though I also love to fly fish on the Pecos River."

Lisa, it's clear that you have succeeded in seamlessly blending your graduate training and work experience with your legal training. And you are among a very important subset of people who come to Tucson ... for water!
Around the College
Well Done, Bar-takers!
Thank you again to Steptoe & Johnson, Phoenix, for providing a calm and comfortable space for us to provide lunch during the recent bar exam for our Arizona Law bar-takers. 

And, here's to our bar-takers. Congratulations on making it through the exam and remembering to take a moment to breathe -- and eat! -- in the midst of it. 

Seeking Alumni to Help at Orientation, Aug. 15
We here at Arizona Law are preparing to welcome an excellent incoming class of students and have an opportunity for you to meet them and participate in some of their first learning here on campus.

As part of New Student Law Orientation on Wednesday, August 15th, there will be a 90-minute Professionalism & Ethics session that will be kicked off by a short talk by Arizona Law alumnus Justice John Pelander. We want to follow that with breakout sessions where alumni who are practicing attorneys (YOU!) join in discussion around real-world ethical scenarios that students and attorneys may encounter.  We will provide you with all the materials in advance.

Parking will be validated for registered alumni in the Park Avenue Garage on the corner of Park and Helen. 

In the News
ABA Journal, commentary by professor Keith Swisher  
The New York Times Magazine, quoting professor Robert Glennon

As our summer travels draw to a close, we are grateful to our many alumni and friends in New York City, Washington, DC, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Honolulu, Phoenix, and Flagstaff for making us feel so welcome. And we look forward to seeing many more of you in Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico City, and Albuquerque over the course of the next week.

We'll be back soon to these cities and more.

With alums in every state and many countries, and with most of our graduate JD, LLM, MLS and SJD students coming from outside of Arizona, the entire United States is Wildcat Country. The world is Wildcat Country. And as the University of Arizona likes to say based on its extraordinary space sciences programs, though not yet a source of students, the universe is Wildcat Country.
Wherever you are, we are with you, we want to hear from you, and whenever we can we'll be there in person, nurturing our far-flung community.





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