When I was asked to write this week's Letter of the Law I was quite surprised, especially since not so long ago I was a B student in Dean Miller's criminal procedure class. All joking aside, I am honored to try to fill the shoes of Dean Miller in this, his weekly communication to the entire alumni of our beloved law school. 

This week we take a look at the Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic, its students, and the work being done at the law school to support service members, veterans, and military families in the Southern Arizona community. This is especially timely and poignant as we enter our annual observance of Memorial Day and the remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our nation and way of life. 
I can tell you that no portion of my time in law school or my career since has made the impact on me that working in the Vet Law Clinic and the Veterans Courts have. I have been blessed with mentors like Judge Michael Pollard ('72) and Judge Maria Felix ('92), professors like Kristine Huskey and Paul Bennett, and support from veteran alumni like Mike Silva ('06) and Lisa Judge ('94).

The College of Law has a goal of 20% alumni giving by the end of the fiscal year on June 30. With just a little over a month to go, please consider giving today, In Favor of Students and in favor of programs like the Vet Law Clinic.
Until the footnotes,

Matt Randle ('14)

The Randles (l-r) are 
Michael (Class of 2036), Holly, Matt, Kyle (Class of 2026), and Glen (Class of 2022). 

Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic Year in Review

The Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic at the James E. Rogers College of Law has had a banner year. Since we last briefed the alumni community on its activities, the clinic has several new accomplishments under its belt.

Wes Stiner ('17), Jessica Schulberg ('16), Jess Garrard (MLS '16), Kristine Huskey (director), Lori Lewis (faculty), Jahna Locke ('16), Angie Menard ('16), and Autumn Kycia ('17) in Washington, DC, at last fall's conference.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Vet Law Clinic represented approximately 225 veterans in two local veterans treatment courts, provided over 75 intakes and referrals to veterans, and represented 5 veterans on benefits and administrative cases.

Dayna Michael ('17), Judge Pollard, and Nate Udall ('17) (l-r) at the Regional Municipalities Veterans' Treatment Court
Last November Vet Law Clinic director Kristine Huskey, faculty Lori Lewis, and students Angie Menard ('16), Autumn Kycia ('17), Jahna Locke ('16), Jess Garrard (MLS '16), Jessica Schulberg ('16), and Wes Stiner ('17) attended and spoke on panels at the Second Annual National Conference on Law Clinics Serving Veterans in Washington, DC. The clinic co-organized the conference.

In March, Vet Law Clinic faculty and students participated in the Military/Veteran Women's Expo 2016, sponsored by the Arizona Department of Veterans Services. The Expo took place on the UA campus. The event provided free legal and financial services, educational workshops, career resources and networking opportunities to women vets in the Southern Arizona community. The Vet Law Clinic organized local attorneys with varied expertise to provide pro bono legal consultations and handed out informational legal resources to expo participants.
In April, Vet Law Clinic faculty member Lori Lewis and students Rhonda Martin ('17), Jess Garrard, and Wes Stiner attended and spoke on a panel entitled "How to Access Community-Based Legal Services" at the Seventh Annual Arizona Statewide Symposium in Support of Service Members, Veterans and Their Families, held in Phoenix. This was an opportunity to exchange practical information with other organizations and state and local agencies. 

This spring U.S. Representative Martha McSally awarded the Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic with a "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" for its "continued support to current and former military service members in need of legal assistance."
Most recently, in May, the Vet Law Clinic received word that it has been awarded a two-year grant for $100,000 from a private foundation to support its operations serving veterans in the community. In fact, the award amount was greater than requested -- an almost unheard-of occurrence.  The grant will support the clinic's work in the two local veterans treatment courts as well as its representation of veterans seeking to upgrade their discharge status so they may receive benefits.
Clinic director Kristine Huskey and the clinic show no signs of slowing down. The need for legal services to veteran populations is great, and our students receive valuable training and experience while helping to fill a gap in services.
If you would like to support the clinic's efforts, please contact the development office at (520) 626-1330. 

Judge Pollard Receives "Battle Buddy" Award
On April 26, 2016, The Veterans' Advocacy Law Clinic presented its first annual "Battle Buddy" award to Judge Michael Pollard ('72) for his partnership with and support of the clinic and its students in his veterans treatment court.
Clinic director Kristine Huskey presented the award, noting the "positive impact and profound difference" Judge Pollard makes on the lives of students and veterans.
Judge Pollard is pictured here with Lindsay Dearing, Military Veterans Fellow from the Office of Representative Martha McSally.

The award was presented at an event celebrating the clinic at the home of Cary & Fern Marmis, parents of Arizona Law alum, Mike Marmis ('98). In this picture, Judge Gregg Maxon, former Brigadier General and a champion for veterans, addressed the gathering of clinic students, judges, and community partners.

We voice our congratulations to Judge Pollard and our ongoing gratitude to the Marmis family for hosting and providing an outstanding opportunity to promote the clinic's great work with veterans in our community.

In Memoriam -- Robert D. Andrews ('67)
The University of Arizona lost a tenacious and courageous Wildcat on May 10th: Robert D. Andrews (1937 - 2016).
Bob graduated from the College of Law in 2 1/2 years and was a member of Law Review -- both significant accomplishments standing alone.  Before law school, Bob served in the Air Force and spent some time in the business world before deciding on law. But first he had to go to college while supporting a wife and children. Nonetheless, he entered the University of Arizona as a beginning freshman and three years later started law school.
During his time at the University of Arizona, Bob and his wife worked, Bob as a radio announcer (we were fellow announcers at KTUC). Upon graduation, Bob went immediately to California where he set up a law practice, and  became an outstanding trial lawyer, handling significant tort and commercial cases.
One Saturday morning in 1987, his remarkable career nearly ended -- in his law office. Bob had just settled into his Saturday routine when he noticed out of the corner of his eye the shadow of a man. At that moment shots rang out. Wounded and barely conscious, Bob tried in vain to reach a phone. By good fortune a colleague arrived and called for help. Days later Bob awoke in the hospital and learned he had been shot and was paralyzed from the waist down. The gunman was never apprehended. Undaunted, Bob pursued his rehabilitation with the same tenacity he had everything else in his life. He returned to the courtroom within two years and continued to practice from a wheelchair until retiring several years later.
As one of our mutual friends, Howard Hart (also a Wildcat and retired, distinguished CIA officer), recently wrote: "Bob Andrews was one of the smartest men I ever knew. He was intelligent, a hard worker, honest to a fault, kind and generous." Well said.  
by Jim Teilborg (1966)
U.S. District Court Judge, District of Arizona
Online Alumni Directory

More and more of you have joined our  online alumni directory  and made yourselves available to connect with our new graduates -- and your fellow classmates -- through this relatively new channel. If you haven't joined yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

If you need us to resend your personalized invitation, please email or call (520) 621-8430.
This week, we congratulate Mike Tully ('80), the latest winner of an Arizona Tshirt from among new directory members.
It is my honor to continue working with the Vet Law Clinic as a professor and to assist our current student veterans as they represent veteran clients in the courts and nationally in appeals work. 

2014 Arizona Law veteran graduates Brad Hyde, Marley Lamb, Russell Boatright, Matt Randle, and Jeff Wohlford (l-r).

The Wildcat Law family is full of veterans, current service members, and families of those who served. The work is vital, the clients are deserving, and most importantly the need will only increase as our involvement in the current conflicts draws to a close. 

Like so much of the work that is done by law students during their time at Arizona Law, the resources are limited and the need is limitless. If you are looking for a way to honor those who served our country please consider supporting this incredible work and the law school that has encouraged its growth (you can give here). 

This week I will pause to honor the memory of my fallen friends and the gift they have given to me and to my family. I hope that amidst the BBQs and relaxation of this weekend that you too will pause to remember those who paid the price for our country and our way of life.
I hope that I have done some justice to the standard set by Dean Miller, and as always Bear Down!

Yours truly,
Matt Randle ('14)
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