While moving forward with their studies, our community of law students and faculty are also taking time to connect socially. Here is Professor Tessa Dysart's Con Law group meeting for a recent social hour.

The first weekend of this month, University of Arizona Law hosted its Admitted Students Weekend, fully online. In this edition, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid Cary Lee Cluck answers questions about how the admissions process is proceeding this year.

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Admissions Q&A with Cary Lee Cluck

We recently sat down (virtually) with Cary Lee Cluck, who leads the Arizona Law admissions team, to find out how the admissions process has been adapted to effectively connect with this year's law school applicants.

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid Cary Lee Cluck

What adjustments has the Arizona Law admissions team made over the last few weeks?
Our entire team is teleworking but we are still doing the same things we normally do during this stage of the application cycle.  We are still interacting with committed applicants, admitted applicants, and prospective applicants. 

We had a virtual Admitted Students Day on Saturday, April 4, using Zoom and were able to provide the same programming as we would have had the event been in-person. The only thing lacking was the great food we usually have for lunch -- and the chance for applicants from outside Arizona to enjoy the pleasures of Tucson in the spring!

Source: Chris Gast

We are still conducting virtual visits with admitted students who are considering joining us in the fall. We use Zoom to do this and they meet with all the people they normally would have encountered had they come to the college in person. 

We are still receiving applications and making decisions just like we would be if we were in the office. 

Applications have slowed a bit because of the canceled March LSAT and the GRE having temporarily gone offline. But the GRE is now available as a home-based test and the April LSAT has also been moved to an at-home test starting in mid-May.
What are the top questions you are hearing from applicants?
Beyond the normal questions they have about our programs and opportunities, the biggest question is whether we are going to start in-person classes this fall or have a remote start. That's a national conversation happening at all law schools and universities.
What are some unique advantages Arizona Law has for our next class of law students?
Because we have the tools to quickly offer on-line and video-recorded (yay for our recording studio!) learning, we pivoted incredibly quickly to get our students back into class this spring. Our agility and creativity will be an advantage for students beginning their legal education during this uncertain time.
What opportunities do we have for admitted students to learn about the Arizona Law community?
As I mentioned earlier, we recently hosted our Admitted Students Day via Zoom. We have moved individual admitted student visits online and they can meet with the same people they would have in person, including Dean Miller. We also moved some content into our "Admit Portal" to help them virtually visit us and Tucson. They can access our JD info session, watch two recorded classes, and take a virtual tour of the University of Arizona campus. As the weeks progress, we are planning to add more content like this into the Admit Portal.

How can the alumni community support our admitted students?
They already are! Our Law Cat Connectors program is up and running. Newly admitted students are receiving emails from partnered Law Cat alumni. We continue to reach out as well to arrange one-on-one chats between alumni and admits who have specific questions that alumni can answer. We are exploring offering Zoom meetings with alumni if the admitted students would like. We will keep our community posted. 

My team and I really appreciate how involved our alumni are in helping us bring in a strong, bright, and interesting class each year. This year is no exception!

Around the College -- Online
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In the meantime, we ask that you correspond with us electronically. Find faculty and staff email addresses via our main directory.

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Thank you for adjusting with us.

How to Help Students Right Now

Please consider donating to Fuel the Response a UA fund to help provide financial relief to all UA students -- including our professional and graduate law students -- in times of significant hardship.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Regulatory Science Series Webinar: Pay-to-Participate Trials
Friday, April 17, 12-1 p.m.
In this webinar, lawyer and Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics Holly Fernandez Lynch will discuss clinical trials that require participants to pay to participate. This type of human subjects research can present ethical issues, even with the oversight systems that are in place. 

Holly Fernandez Lynch, JD, MBE, is the John Russell Dickson, MD Presidential Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics in the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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Phoenix Externship Program Discussion:  Compassion and the Law During Covid, April 17

Friday, April 17, 12-1 p.m.
Please join Debora Gama-Lima, court-appointed mediator with Maricopa County Civil Court and private mediator, to talk about compassion and law. If you would like to read a related article in advance, please email Professor Bublick,
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Next Short Story Club, April 20

You are invited to participate in the next Arizona Law Short Story Club on Monday, April 20, at 12 p.m., via Zoom. Associate Professor of Legal Writing Sylvia Lett will host participants in discussing "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olson and "Diem Perdidi" by Julie Otsuka. Please join us in our virtual community for companionship and a good discussion.

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So many things about daily life feel odd and different now, including the ways we must juggle our altered patterns of daily learning and living with planning ahead for times we know are coming (exams, graduation, summer, the new term in the fall), but which may look different in ways we cannot easily predict. 
Time itself seems altered in a variety of ways. These newsletters seem like they are spaced out far more than in the past -- not just one week, but an extended time, hard to count.
This feeling of living in multiple times is especially sharp in our conversations with incoming and prospective students. These are critical, life-path decisions for people -- when, and where, to be trained. Every one of the most familiar questions from these aspiring lawyers is filtered through the lens of the current challenges. As just one illustration of a central question to which none of us has a clear answer: what will the market look like for law graduates in three years?
For now, we do our best to think through these questions with applicants and admitted students, with direct and transparent conversations. We look forward to insights on these matters from all members of our larger law community.

Bear Down. Be well. Stay in touch.



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