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The holidays come with an invitation to reflect on the year past, and to imagine the year to come. Its been a terrific year at the James E. Rogers College of Law.    


I am grateful every day for the members of this community: the students who fully engage and support each other, the faculty who are committed to training the next generation of superb, passionate and ethical lawyers, and the staff who work every day to make the law school experience enjoyable.


Many of the people who help move Arizona Law forward as an innovative law school in these challenging times are not in the law school on a daily basis. They include everyone who helps to make sure we are one of the most affordable great law schools in the United States, and one of the most well-respected places for a legal education in the world.


They are you, the generations of alumni, community partners, and friends throughout this extraordinary university.


This week, and over the holidays, we will vary our format. Today, to give you a sense of how your support changes the lives and experience of our students, we want to share a few of the expressions of gratitude from our first-year students in letters they sent this past year to scholarship donors.



"Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Each of these words describes the range of emotions that I have felt through my first semester of law school at the U of A. However, words cannot truly express how grateful I am to have received the Susan Barber Memorial Scholarship. This experience certainly would not be possible without your generosity. I've dreamed of becoming a lawyer for as long as I can remember, and after a few education detours, I am finally in the position that feels most natural to me. Thank you for making my dreams a reality." -- 1L student   


"I am currently in my first year of law school at the University of Arizona. Before my admittance into the law school, I was pursuing a Masters' Degree in Public Administration. I am now a dual-degree student in pursuit of a JD-MPA. After graduation, I plan to apply the knowledge I have gained in my academics to a career in public service. Thanks to your support, I am one step closer to achieving my goals." - 1L student


"I am a husband and father of three, and without your scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to give up my current career to pursue a dream." - 1L student


"While working full time to support my family, I completed my undergraduate degree in business administration, graduating summa cum laude. When making a decision on law school, I was blessed with acceptance to a great school that was close to family. I was further blessed with your scholarship, which provided a realistic means to pay for school." -- 1L student


"Your gift has allowed me to become part of a community of people who I have found to be dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate.   The innovative learning environment that the James E. Rogers College of Law offers will prepare me for a successful and fulfilling career as a health law professional. Your donation has made it possible for me to pursue my passion in public health." - 1L student


"By awarding me the James Glenton Boyer Memorial Scholarship and lightening my financial burden, you allow me to focus more on the most important aspects of my life -- learning and my family. I will do my best to honor your son's memory by living my life and pursuing my educational opportunities to the fullest. Your generosity is inspirational and admirable. I hope to one day help other students achieve their goals just as you have helped me."-1L student   


"Your generosity reminds me of the importance of giving back to the people and the institutions that have helped shape who I am. The scholarship is very much appreciated. I hope to meet you sometime in the near future." --1L student


"Your generous scholarship will help me achieve my goals and allow me to be the first member of my family to receive a Juris Doctorate and I thank you for that." - 1L student


 "Being awarded this scholarship has made an immeasurable impact, not just on my legal education, but on my path through life in general. I am deeply grateful to you, to Judge Chambers, and to the many friends and families who have contributed to the scholarship." - 1L student    








Our first year students are at the start of their careers. But with the first set of exams done, I hope this semester has reaffirmed their decision to study law, and to do so here. We are thrilled to have them as our newest community members.


We could include a parallel set of letters from our alumni who continue throughout their careers to follow, support and champion the law school. Stephen Golden ('02), president-elect of the Law College Association, puts it like this:


"Our law school is attracting notice from law schools across the country as we undertake a number of unique and innovative programs.  Our students are beneficiaries of this, but it is becoming harder to do.  The College of Law needs to look more and more for support from its alumni and other donors as it is less and less able to look to the University and the State.  Everyone who made donations of any size this year should be proud of how they have helped the College of Law and its mission." 


As you wrap up 2013, and usher in the new year -- one full of possibility and promise for all of us -- please accept our abiding thanks for your generosity and support.


From all of us here at Arizona Law, thank you and happy holidays.


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Arizona Law Needs Your Support  


Thank you for being part of the Arizona Law family.   We are grateful to our alumni and friends.  As the year draws to a close, please consider making a year-end donation.  Your support is essential.  Every gift matters.





2013 Honor Roll of Giving

(Reflects donations received between 1/1/2013 and 12/16/2013)


David E. Adelman

Mitchell R. Aguilar

Philip S. Anderson

Meridyth Andresen

Arthur W. Andrews


Patrick Apodaca

Gustavo Aragon

Hector G. Arana

Kimberly A. Arana

Arizona Law Alliance, Inc.

Arizona Women Lawyers Association (AWLA)

Mark W. Armstrong

Associated Foundations, Inc.

Barbara A. Atwood and Peter D. Eisner

Shawna L. Ballard

Derek and Jane Bambauer

Paul S. Banales

William T. Barker

Katherine Y. Barnes

Caylin Barter

John F. Barwell

David G. Beauchamp

Sherman R. Bendalin

Paul Bennett

Timothy J. Berg and Patricia Martin

Timothy J. Berg

Joseph Bevington IV

Maureen Beyers

Lisa S. Bibbens

Mathias G. Bildhauer

The Bisol Firm

Brian E. Bisol

Callie A. Bjurstrom

Scott A. Blaney

Eric R. Blank

Johanna Bliss

James F. Bly

Molly A. Booker

Theodore B. and Karen O. Borek

John J. Bouma

J. William Brammer

Stephen M. Bressler

Alanna R. Brook

J. Thomas Brooks

Robert C. Broomfield

Ronald Brown

Joseph W. Brown

Sean H. Bruner

Bryan Cave LLP

Ellen Bublick

Robert and Beth J. Bujarski

Bruce A. and Melinda W. Burke

Timothy Burke

Randi L. Burnett

Burns & Burns PC

J. Scott Burns

Barbara R. Butler

Stacy R. Butler

Eric E. Button

Elizabeth M. Caballero and Jonathan C. Gettleman

Christina M. Cabanillas

Robert S. Camp

Samuel S. Chang

Nikki A. Chayet

George C. Chen

Josh S. Chetwynd

Michael G. Chiorazzi and Vickie Bletso

Grant Christensen

Christian, Dichter & Sluga, P.C.

Alison Christian

Mark D. Cichoski

John B. Cinnamon

Susan M. Ciupak

Pablo B. Clarke

Heather K. Clauss

Sara Cohen

John G. Collinge

Laura A. Conover

William M. Conway

Brian and Jennifer R. Cosper

Tia Cottey

Rufus C. and Norma Jean Coulter

Steven M. Cox

C. Webb Crockett

Peter W. Culp

Quintin H. Cushner

Dale A. and Thyra Danneman

Anthony E. Davis

Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.

Suzanne De Berge

Theresa K. Deibele

Barbara N. Deloria

Suzanne L. Diaz

Chloe S. Dillon

Debra S. Doll

Catherine J. Douglass

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

John W. Downing

I. Douglas Dunipace

William B. Dunn

Zachary Dunn

Paul F. Eckstein

Peter Economidis

Joshua A. and Monica N. Edelstein

Timothy D. Edwards

Darcy D. Elgin

Shaun Esposito

LaReal Eyring

Gregory W. Falls

Jennifer M. Fama

Patrick J. Farrell

Farrell & Bromiel PC

Andrew M. Federhar

Charles R. Feezer

Geoffrey Fieger

Scott M. Finical

Matthew P. Fischer

C. Megan M. Fischer

Lillian Fisher

Dillon A. Fishman

Ronda R. Fisk

Brian M. Flaherty

Teresa D. Forst

Marvin Fortman

Joseph Fox

Nicole Friederichs

David A. Gantz and Catherine A. Fagan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

William H. Gates

Thomas N. George

Stephen Gillers

Gregory D. Gills

Ashley Gilmore

Jeff R. Gilmore

Robert J. Glennon and Karen S. Adam

Goldberg & Osborne

Stephen Golden

Richard N. Goldsmith

Goldwater Law Firm

Robert Goldwater

Ashley Gomez

Eduardo M. Gonzalez

Irma E. Gonzalez

J. C. Gooch

 David S. and Suzanne B. Gooder

Mark P. Goss

Thomas A. Gottschalk

Marcia Grand

Merwin D. Grant

Gravina Law Office

Greenberg Traurig LLP

Sara S. Greene

Michelle Gregory

Mary Grier

J. A. Grimsley

Michael C. Grubbs

Luis P. Guerra

Guglielmo & Associates, PLLC

Paul D. Guglielmo

Emily L. Gust

Hallier & Lawrence PLC

Angela Hallier

Elizabeth A. Hall-Lipsy

Mark Hamblin

Christina Hamilton

Gary Hammond

Wayne M. Hancock

Thomas F. Harper

Ray K. Harris

Lisa Harrison

Mark I. Harrison

Emma C. Harty

David G. Hastings

Carolyn D. Haynes

Christopher L. Hering

Roland A. Herrmann

Bruce R. Heurlin

Lonnie W. Hicks and Elieen W. Hollowell

John C. and Nicole S.  Hinderaker

Steven A. Hirsch

W. William Hodes

Terry S. Holpert

Barney M. Holtzman

Jeffrey D. Hutchins

Susanne E. Ingold

R. N. Irwin

Isaacson & Moore, P.C.

Donald G. Isaacson

John M. Ivancie

Henry Jacobowitz

Charles E. James

Jennings Strouss & Salmon PLC

Jensen Law Firm PC

Christopher W. Jensen

John M. Jetter

Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona

Jill & Lee Weiss Family Foundation

Charles E. Jones

Russell E. Jones

Wesley C. Jones

Paul D. Julien

Rory J. Juneman

Joseph A. Kanefield

Todd S. Kartchner

Kautz Family Foundation

James C. Kautz

Nancy F. Kelly

John D. Kendall

Laura H. Kennedy

Barbara Kerr Howe

Kimberly-Clark Foundation - Matching Gifts

Kinerk Schmidt & Sethi PLLC

Kathryn H. King

Michael R. King

Barry Kirschner

Donald S. Klein

Erwin D. Kratz

George O. Krauja

Neal Kurn

Margaret B. LaBianca

Lars O. and Susan L. Lagerman

Dominic Lancaster

Law Office of Merwin D. Grant

Law Office of Thomas F Harper PC

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Lazard Freres & Co. LLC

Megan E. Lennox

Julie M. Levitt-Guren

Gordon Lewis

Lewis Roca Rothgerber

Lisa Lewis

Daxin Li

Liberty O'Neill & Bibbens

Pamela A. Liberty

David S. Lindsay

Steven L. Lisker

Oscar S. Lizardi

L. Hampton Locklear

Joanne Lopez

Paul Lovelis

Carlene Y. Lowry

Meredith Lynch

Andrew T. Maccabe

Matthew Maerowitz

Maureen E. Mahoney

D. Michael Mandig

Nancy J. March

David W. Marcus

Paul Marcus and Nina Rabin

Vicki L. Marcus

Maricopa County Bar Association

George E. Mariscal

Daniel Marks

Aaron T. Martin

Daniel G. Martin

Timothy Berg and Patricia A. Martin

Rigel S. Massaro

Toni M. Massaro

Charles H. Matthewson

Scott D. McDonald

Sean K. McElenney

Stephen M. McNamee

Sarah D. McShea

Nathan F. Mee and Lena P. Ryan

Rita A. Meiser

Bruce E. Meyerson

Don Z. Miller

Howard B. Miller

Joshua Miller

Marc Miller and Christina Cutshaw

William A. Miller

Robert J. Miller

George J. Milstein

Kenneth R. Moeller

Bert Moll

Frank D. Montague

Edward Moomjian

Nancy J. Moore

Dana G. Muller

Robert H. Mundheim

Jeffrey V. Munoz

Janet A. Napolitano

Lucas J. Narducci

Daniel E. Nastro

Mark A. Nesvig

Danita T. Ng

Stephanie Nichols-Young

George B. Nielsen

Robert H. Norris

Ross J. Nova

Christina Noz and Abraham Wu

Michael D. Obert

Sandra Day O'Connor

Peggy Oden

The O'Dowd Law Firm PC

London S. O'Dowd

John E. O'Hare

James R. and Candance Olson

Nancy J. O'Neill

Nicole A. Ong

John E. Osborne

Daniel R. Oseran

Karen A. Osterloh

Don B. Overall

Ryan S. Patterson and Nicole Gonzalez Patterson

Gary Pearlmutter

Bart Pecchenino

Alyce L. Pennington

Lucian T. Pera

Angela L. Perez

Jill H. Perrella

Monica Pertea

Tamara B. Peterson

John F. Phelps

Steven W. Phillips

Phillips Moeller & Conway PLLC

April S. Phillips Elliott

Toby S. Piering

Poli & Ball PLC. Attorneys at Law

Michael Poli

Jessica L. Post

E. Barrett Prettyman Jr. Rev Trust

E. B. Prettyman

Brian W. Purcell and Sunita A. Krishna-Purcell

Quarles & Brady LLP

Suzanne M. Rabe

Jeff and Grace Ratje

Wesley D. Ray

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

The Research Investment, Inc.

Scott Rhodes

Julius N. Richardson

Jon M. Riches

William H. and Sandy Ricker

Sally M. Rider

Wilbur M. Roadhouse

The Melody S. Robidoux Foundation

Melody S. Robidoux

Robert P. Robinson

James E. Rogers 

Todd W. Roles

Elizabeth N. Rollings

Carol M. Rose

Sidney M. Rosen

Isaac D. Rothschild

Lowell E. Rothschild

George Rountree

Philip R. Rudd

Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, PLLC Foundation

Salvatierra Law Group PLLC

David Sandweiss

Ricardo G. Sanfelice

Mark H. Savage

Lawrence G. Scarborough

Cindy K. Schmidt

Robert E. Schmitt

Steven R. Schneider

Barry C. and Willa T. Schneider

Eve F. Schocket

Peter M. Shane

Jay L. Shapiro

Robert W. Shely

Randall Shepard

Kenneth J. Sherk

Ralph B. Sievwright

Joneen Sigette

Andrew Silverman and Starr Sanders

Jeffrey R. Simmons and Jo Ellen McBride

Sarah R. Simmons

Frances R. Sjoberg

Edwin W. Slade

James D. Smith

Curtis C. Smith

Snell & Wilmer LLP

Marvin Sondag

Squire Sanders

Sesaly O. Stamps

Andrew C. Stanley

John N. Stanley

Nancy A. Stanley

Ronald J. Stolkin

Elizabeth A. Stover

Mary Ann Stubbs

Bryce Suzuki

John A. Swain

G. Marie Swanson

Sykes Family Foundation

Gene T. Skyes

Pearl M. Tang

Elizabeth B. Temple

Laurel S. Terry

Thomson Reuters

Beth L. Tippett

Roger D. Townsend

Megan H. Tracy

Brandon Tryon

United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona

United Way of Central New Mexico

M. Roxanne Veliz

Verizon Foundation

Robert L. Villamana

Jonelle H. Vold

Neil V. Wake

Jack C. Warner

Waterfall Economidis Caldwell Hanshaw & Villamana PC

Gordon G. Waterfall

Lee Weiss

Jill Weiss

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Wells Fargo Foundation

Janice A. Wezelman

David E. Wheeler

Jill D. Wiley

Grant Wille

Mary B. Williams

David Yokum

Michael F. Ziegler

Jay A. Zweig

Osborn Maledon PA

Polsinelli PC

Richard Grand Foundation

Shearman & Sterling, LLP

WM Symposium




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