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Last week we held our Annual Scholarship Lunch where we publicly celebrate and thank the alumni and friends whose generosity in supporting scholarships makes law school a reality for so many of our students. It is a heartwarming event and a great reminder of the difference our donors make.


We want to share a few of the many compelling stories we heard at that event, so this week we profile 1L student Timothy Butterfield, friend of the College Mark Harrison, and our student scholarship program.


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Timothy Butterfield '16

"My journey to Arizona Law began on the playground nineteen years ago," says 1L Tim Butterfield. "While many of my friends were pretending to be cops, robbers, doctors, firefighters, artists, etc., I was marching around in a dapper blue suit with a little brown leather briefcase pretending to be the top legal mind on the playground."


Driven by his desire to become a lawyer, Tim excelled academically, graduating from the University of Montana with a double major in political science and economics. Although his dream of being a lawyer continued to propel him, his life took a slightly different track. "My five-year-old self could have never predicted that I would meet my future wife on the first day of college and that I would adopt my son two years later."


With a wife and son to consider, Tim entered his senior year of college with significant financial responsibilities. Looking at the cost of attending law school, Tim began to think that a legal career would remain what it had been for much of his life -- a dream. Luckily for us, Tim didn't give up. He applied to three law schools, and then held his breath awaiting a response.


Tim describes the emotion of receiving his acceptance letter from Arizona Law.


"My initial response when I opened the first communication from Arizona Law was joy at getting accepted. That joy soon turned into dismay. On one hand, I had done it; I was accepted to a great law school. On the other hand, the acceptance was a mere token because I couldn't afford to attend. I didn't see information about scholarship. In good conscience, I knew that I couldn't ask my wife and son to sacrifice their future."


The next two weeks were difficult for Tim as he tried to reconcile having his dream within reach without the finances to achieve it. Tim and his wife started looking at the best areas where she could find work as a teacher and he began planning ways to save up enough money to one day try again.


Then there was a second letter from us, arriving inauspiciously.


"I was on my way to an 8:00 a.m. course, I was shuffling through the mail and I noticed a letter from Arizona Law. I opened it, assuming it was just a request that I reply to the admission offer, and scanned through it haphazardly. It took about three times reading through before I completely realized what I was reading. It was a scholarship offer-- a generous scholarship offer that would allow me to pursue my dream. After two weeks of walking around heartbroken, the truth of the situation washed over me, and I broke down in my car crying tears of both joy and relief."


Tim knew when he received the letter that he was headed to Arizona Law. He came to visit over Spring Break and was welcomed by Assistant Dean for Admissions Bianca Mack and Admissions Counselor Katie Beringson. "Bianca and Katie are two of the most kind and helpful people I have ever met," he says. By the end of the trip, Tim was a Wildcat!

Honorary Alumnus
Mark Harrison '60 (Harvard)

Imagine having friends and family so impressed by your hard work and dedication to law and to Arizona Law that they raise $100,000 to honor you with a scholarship. That's what friends of Mark Harrison have done.


Through the generosity of Mark's friends and family, Arizona Law has started the Mark I. Harrison Scholarship.


Mark has worked with the College as an adjunct professor, served as President of the Law College Association, and been a member of the College's national Board of Visitors. His relationship to the students, faculty, and staff is so strong that it is as if he is a graduate himself. He was named a Distinguished Honorary Alumnus of the College in 2003 and received the University of Arizona Alumni Association Bear Down Award in 2007.


As a practicing attorney for Osborn Maledon in Phoenix, he has been involved in tort law and commercial litigation. Mark's areas of interest also include alternative dispute resolution, appellate matters, and ethics and professional liability. He is the primary "go to" attorney at Osborn Maledon when the need arises to advise lawyers, law firms and in-house law departments on ethical obligations and to tackle risk management. He has represented hundreds of lawyers in malpractice and discipline situations.


This Harvard Law alum ('60) is also incredibly active in the legal community. He has served as President of the State Bar of Arizona and the Arizona Bar Foundation. He also serves on the National Board of Directors of Justice at Stake and has received the ABA Mike Franck Award for Professional Responsibility. 


His connection to Arizona Law is strengthened by his daughter Jill Harrison, a 1998 alumna of the College.  He and his wife Ellen enjoy spending time with Jill, her two daughters, and their daughter Lisa.


Those strong ties and his passion for not only Arizona Law but law itself are the reasons Mark's friends and family raised these substantial scholarship funds to help law students work toward their educational and career goals.


Last week, I had the honor of announcing the Mark I. Harrison Scholarship at our Scholarship Lunch.  Mark and his daughter Jill were present for the announcement. During his acceptance, Mark offered the students a few words of advice.


"After fifty-three years in the active practice of law, I continue to believe that the law is a noble if not the noblest profession and one which enables us, as lawyers, to perform great service to our clients, to protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens and to safeguard the institutions which assure the continuation of this democracy.  When you are admitted to practice law, you are really granted a franchise and to borrow a phrase often linked with the medical profession, it is your sacred duty in exercising that franchise 'to do no harm'." 


Mark, your life and your career are a model for all of us. Thank you for being an adopted member of the Arizona Law family and for the impact the Mark I. Harrison Scholarship will have on future generations of Arizona Law lawyers.

The Arizona Law Scholarship Program

Every scholarship gift makes an impact and every recipient has a story.


Arizona Law appreciates and celebrates the essential partnerships forged between students -- whose future will shape the profession -- and those whose accomplishments and generosity allow students to attend the College and focus on their studies. Those relationships are what lead to the creation of scholarships that change the lives of students and donors alike.


Arizona Law gives almost $4,000,000 in scholarship money to JD students each year. More than $1,200,000 comes from private donors. The donors represent more than 100 named scholarships and awards.


The need for those donors becomes even greater for us, as a public land grant institution, in order to remain true to our mission and roots of quality, discovery, and access. This need is enhanced by an economy that has hit students and families very hard.


The dramatic increase in law student debt nationwide is a well-known issue and it might be difficult for many alumni who graduated ten or more years ago to imagine being a law student in 2014.  Students now are launching careers against a much different economic and legal landscape. Thankfully, tuition and debt levels at Arizona Law are significantly lower than the national average, in significant part because of the scholarship donations by alumni and others. Because our tuition is among the lowest for top law schools, scholarship dollars go even farther to make a first rate legal education truly accessible.


For many of our students -- students like Tim Butterfield -- the cost, even the relatively affordable cost of Arizona Law, make the path near impossible without scholarship support.  Scholarship donors are the needed 'circuit-breakers' in challenging times.  For those students who could not otherwise imagine getting a professional education, graduating from one of the country's best public law schools is an amazing goal to achieve.


Thank you to all of our scholarship donors. You are making dreams come true and shaping the future of the profession.


Coming soon!


Former FBI Agent Terry Hake - "Going Undercover as an Attorney: Inside  Operation Greylord"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5:00 pm - 6:30 PM

James E. Rogers College of Law, Room 168

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Alumni Authors Needed

The College of Law will host a booth at this year's Festival of Books on March 15-16.  We are looking for alumni authors to join us.  If you are interested, please contact Nancy Stanley 


Networking Nosh at Arizona Law  

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Lobby 


February 27 4:30-6:00 p.m.


March 27 4:30-6:00 p.m.


Connections between alumni and students strengthen the Arizona Law community.  To help facilitate those connections, we are launching a new networking series. If you are an alum willing to return to campus to spend time with and advise students, please sign up by emailing Marissa White.


Alumni Reception in San Diego

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - Electra - 700 West E. Street, San Diego, CA  92101  RSVP here.



2014 McCormick Lecture with Olympia Snowe
Please join us for a lecture by Olympia Snowe, who will discuss her long service in the US Senate and offer thoughts about the current state of the Union.
March 6th
James E. Rogers College of Law -- Ares Auditorium
5:30 - 6:30 pm
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Law College Association Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony in Phoenix 

Friday, April 4, 2014 5:30 - 9:00 -- U of A College of Medicine, 550 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ  85004 

Register here. 



Looking for a way to make an impact?   
Make a donation to our student scholarship fund.   Every dollar invested produces a solid return and helps to alleviate the burden of educational debt for a student. 




On behalf of every student who received a scholarship, and on behalf of every future client our students will serve and every life their work will touch -- thank you.   




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