This week brings the 36th Isaac Marks Lecture to the college's Ares Auditorium on Friday evening. The 2017 Marks Lecture will be given by University of Chicago Professor Geoffrey Stone.

This issue also contains our 2016 honor roll of giving. I am heartened by all of you who chose to make Arizona Law a recipient of your generosity over the past year. 

For those who are alums, we, and our students, are grateful that you continue to invest in your alma mater. For those who are not alums, thank you for recognizing all that is special about our college and our community.

Until the footnotes,

36th Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture, Jan. 27

Event Details

Geoffrey R. Stone will deliver the 36th Isaac Marks Memorial Lecture, "Getting to Same-Sex Marriage," on Friday, January 27 at 5:30 p.m. A reception will follow. 

Register here. Contact Bernadette Wilkinson with questions.

About Professor Stone
Geoffrey R. Stone is the University of Chicago's Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law. He joined the University of Chicago faculty in 1973 after serving as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. 

Geof later served as Dean of the Law School from 1987 to 1994 and Provost of the University of Chicago from 1994 to 2002.  Geof is the author of many books on constitutional law, and his next book, Sex and the Constitution,  will be published in March 2017.

In this year's Marks Memorial Lecture, Geof will trace the story of how social and political attitudes and laws regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage have transformed over time, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Supreme Court of the United States.
About the Marks Memorial Lectures

Established in 1979, the Marks Memorial Lectures enrich the curriculum and the community by featuring speakers from law, jurisprudence, and public policy. The College of Law is grateful to the late Judge Jack Marks and his wife, Selma Skora Paul, a 1956 graduate, for their generous support in endowing the lecture series in memory of his father, Isaac Marks. 
Read about prior Marks Lectures and listen to some of the more recent lectures here

Former U.S. Senator Mark Udall
gave the 35th Marks Lecture.

Make a Difference on National Will Day

This Saturday, January 28, is "National Will Day." I hope the occasion will inspire you to formalize your support of Arizona Law in your own will or estate plan. 

Planned giving plays an important part in our ability to plan for the future of our -- your -- college. 

If you have already included the College of Law in your will, please let us know so that we can properly acknowledge your gift and include you in our giving societies.

LCA President Mike King asks you to join him:

Your UA Law College Association supports the College of Law in many ways, but especially financially. We fund scholarships and other financial assistance to our law students. We need your help. Today, I am not asking for your check; I am asking for your commitment. Join me in making the UA College of Law a beneficiary of your estate. Future students will get great legal educations with the money that outlives you. (Next week I'll go back to asking for your check.) -- Mike King ('79), LCA President

2016 Honor Roll of Giving
We recognize the over 700 individuals and organizations, including those listed below, who made financial contributions to the James E. Rogers College of Law in 2016.


Arizona Law Review Association
Associated Foundations Inc.
Atlantis Realty & Development
Boreale Law PLC
Bryan Cave LLP
Burns & Burns PC
Caballero and Gettleman Law Office Inc.
Cohen Kennedy Dowd & Quigley PC
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy PC
Feldman Family Foundation
Fennemore Craig PC
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation
Galanda Broadman PLLC
Gallagher & Kennedy PA
Gravina Law Office
Greacen Associates
Hecker PLLC
Jennings Strouss
Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
Kautz Family Foundation
Kinerk Schmidt & Sethi PC
Lathrop & Gage LLP

Law Office of Elliott Glicksman PLLC
Lowell A. Jensen PLC
MacBan Law Offices
Marshall Foundation
Mercaldo Law Firm
Miller Pitt Feldman & McAnally PC
Mountain Oyster Club
Network for Good
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Richard Grand Foundation
Shearman & Sterling LLP
SM Energy Company
Snell & Wilmer LLP
State Bar of Arizona Criminal Justice Section
Sti nson Leonard Street LLP
Student Bar Association
The Evo and Ora DeConcini and Thu Family Foundation
The University of Arizona Foundation
Tretschok McNamara Patten & Lohman PC
United Way of Central New Mexico
United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP
WM Symposium


Karen Adam
Francisco Aguilar
David Ahluwalia
Peter Akmajian
Joe Albo
Parker Allen
Talal Alothman
Bryce Alstead
Dabney Altaffer
Katherine Altaffer
Neil Ampel
Arthur Andrews
Patricia Andrews
Patrick Apodaca
Hector Arana
Kimberly Arana
Charles Ares
Jean Ares
Syd Arkowitz
Mark Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong
Barbara Atwood
John Augenstein
Christopher Avery
Eva Bacal
Alison Bachus
Benjamin Bachus
Aldro Bacon
Roxana Bacon
Lynn Baker
Paul Banales
Caylin Barter
David Bartlett
Janet Barton
Sally Bassett
Brooke Bedrick
Douglas Bell
Sandra Benesch
Wayne Benesch
Timothy Berg
Barbara Bergman
Mary Bernal
Raymond Bernal
Donna Berry
Ryan Berry
Steven Biddle
Claire Bilby
Neil Biskind
Karen Blakley
Kevin Blakley
Eric Blank
Marc Bleaman
Sandy Bleaman
James Bly
Margaret Bly
Michael Boreale
Stephanie Boreale
Karen Borek
Theodore Borek
Joe Boro
Justin Boro
John Bosler
John Bouma
Donna Brammer
J. William Brammer
Eve Bressler
Stephen Bressler
Bob Brewer
Anthony Broadman
J. Thomas Brooks
Sally Brooks
Christine Brown
Daniel Brown
Joseph Brown
Gail Browne
Ellen Bublick
Elizabeth Buchanan
Elizabeth Bujarski
Robert Bujarski
Bruce Burke
Kevin Burke
Melinda Burke
Terrence Burke
Claudia Burns
J. Scott Burns
Jennifer Burns
Barbara Burstein
James Bush
Eric Button
Elizabeth Caballero
Colleen Cacy
Ernest Calderon
Robert Camp
Jeffrey Campbell
Earl Carroll
Louise Carroll
James Carruth
Terry Chandler
Paul Charlton
Susan Charlton
Nikki Chayet
Kevin Chlarson
Mark Christensen
Mark Cichoski
Susan Ciupak
Bryce Clark
Meghan Cocci
David Cohen
Sara Cohen
Dave Cole
John Collinge
Daniel    Collins
Roseanne Collins
Ryan Conners
Carol Contes
Corinne Cooper
Brian Cosper
Jennifer Cosper
Norma Jean Coulter
C. Webb Crockett
Ronald Curry
Dale Danneman
Thyra Danneman
Therese DaSilva
Victor Daub
Brooke Davis
George Davis
Merrily Davis
David DeConcini
Dino DeConcini
Elizabeth DeConcini
Raymond Deeney
Alexandra Delgado
Barbara Deloria
Stan Dempsey
Judy Dempsey
John DeStefano
Katherine DeStefano
David Diamond
Diane Diamond
Suzanne Diaz
Miranda Dickson
Chloe Dillon
Hester Dillon
Bruce Dohrenwend
Catherine Douglass
Albert Dover
Sally Doyle
Teresa Drysdale
Annette Dunkelman
Brett Dunkelman
Zachary Dunn
Bruce Dusenberry
Peter Eisner
Zachary Elkins
Gina Emanuel
Robert   Emanuel
Jane Erikson
Philip Espinosa
Shaun Esposito
Catherine Fagan
William Fairbourn
Deanne Falls
Gregory Falls
Andrew Federhar
Charles Feezer
Rebecca Feezer
Michael Fehser
Stanley Feldman
Norma Feldman
Amy Feltus
Todd Feltus
Nathan Fidel
Scott Finical
C. Megan Fischer
Matthew Fischer
Joy Fischer Williams
Peter Fisher
Mark Fisk
Ronda Fisk
Susan Fitzgerald
Craig Fleischer
Vicki Fleischer
Michael Fleishman
Tracy Fleishman
Zandra Flemister
Andrew Floyd
Jessica Floyd
Susan Flynn
Torivio Fodder
Joseph Fox
Christopher Frank
L. Richard Fried
Susan Fried
James Frisch
Gabriel Galanda
David Gantz
Nicole Garnett
Richard Garnett
Aaron Gbewonyo
Carolyn George
Thomas George
Jonathan Gettleman
Ashley Gilmore
Jeff Gilmore
Sheila Gladstone
Alice Glasgow
James Glasgow
Robert   Glennon
Stephen Golden
Richard Goldsmith
Susan Goldsmith
Irma Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez Patterson
J. Christopher Gooch
William Goode
Bruce Gorrell
Mark Goss
Bryan Gottfredson
Meghan Gottfredson
Marcia Grand
John Gravina
Francine Gray
Mary Grier
Michael Grier
James Gries
Stephen Gross
Susan Gross
Emily Gust
Robert Haar
Jennifer Hadley-Dioguardi
Jon Hajek
Geraldine Hale
Lawrence Hammond
Connie Hancock
Wayne Hancock
Jeffrey Handler
John Hannah
Edward Hannsz
Adrian Hansen
Irwin Harris
Ray Harris
Ellen Harrison
Jill Harrison
Mark Harrison
Jordan Hartman
David Hastings
Diane Hastings
Lawrence Hawke
Gerald Hawley
Jeff Hawley
Melissa Healy
Jack Heather
Ruth Heaton
Roger Henderson
J. Michael Hennigan
Phyllis Hennigan
Thomas Henze
Chris Hering
Joy Herr-Cardillo
Bruce Heurlin
Lonnie Hicks
Arvell Hill
Cherylee Hirsch
Steven Hirsch
Eileen Hollowell
Terry Holpert
Kelly Holt
Barney Holtzman
Patrice Horstman
Hervey Hotchkiss
Margaret Houghton
Sarah Houston
Lucia Howard
Wayne   Howard
Marshall Humphrey
Mona Hymel
Susanne Ingold
Gary Israel
Henry Jacobowitz
David Jacobs
Charles Jeannes
Christopher Jensen
John Jetter
Kirk Johansen
David Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Gretchen Jones
Martha Jones
Russell Jones
Thomas Jones
Angela   Julien
Paul Julien
Rory Juneman
Frank Kalil
Damon Kalt
Jessica Kalt
Joseph Kanefield
Marcie Kanefield
Lisa Kanute
Nathan Kanute
Todd Kartchner
Jacquelyn Kasper
Sandra Katz
John Kaufmann
James Kautz
Paul Kealey
Jean Kearns
Desmond Kearns
James Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Hana Kenny
Burton Kinerk
Nancy Kinerk
Mike King
Travys King
Akilah Kinnison
Barry Kirschner
Janet Kisinger
Ken Kisinger
Katie Klass
Donald Klein
Mark Konrad
Boris Kozolchyk
Elaine Kozolchyk
Erwin Kratz
George Krauja
David Kris
Jody Kris
David Krom
Maud Krom
Ken Kumayama
Donald Kunz
Edith Kunz
Neal Kurn
Margaret LaBianca
Michael LaBianca
Mary Lacagnina
Michael Lacagnina
John Lacy
Terry Lacy
Lars Lagerman
Susan Lagerman
Riea Lainoff
Steven Lainoff
David Lane
Genevieve Leavitt
Marcia Lee
N. Warner Lee
Megan Lennox
Jeffrey Leonard
Judith Leonard
Maxine Leonard
Tracy Leonard-Warner
Gordon Lewis
Jason Lewis
Kara Lewis
Lori Lewis
Elaine Livermore
L. Hampton Locklear
Leslie Locklear
Jonathan Loe
Joanne Lopez
D. Kim Lough
Sandi Lough
Paul Lovelis
Edith Lowell
J. David Lowell
Karen Lowell
Carlene Lowry
Douglas Lusson
Andrew Maccabe
Raymond Mah
Daniel Mahoney
Colleen Manley
Jeffrey Manley
Nancy March
Helen Mariscal
Rudolph Mariscal
Ted Mariscal
Patricia Martin
Rigel Massaro
Toni Massaro
Alan Matheson
Jace Matheson
Charles Matthewson
Edie Matthewson
Philip May
Suzanne May
Richard McAnally
Margaret McConnell
Scott McDonald
Patrick McGroder
Patrick McNamara
Elizabeth McNamee
Stephen McNamee
Craig McPike
Michael Meehan
Shelley Meehan
Rita Meiser
Melissa Meister
Sidney Mendelsohn
Maricela Meza
Gregory Michael
Melissa Michael
Darlene Millar-Espinosa
Alex Miller
Howard Miller
Jay Miller
Matt Miller
Shirley Miller
William Miller
Elizabeth Milstein
George Milstein
Charles Mishkind
Samuel Mitchell
Michael Morris
Matthew Muehlebach
Robert Mundheim
Jeffrey Munoz
Martha Munoz
Lucas Narducci
Mark Nesvig
Peter Neumann
Renate Neumann
Stephanie Nichols-Young
George Nielsen
Marcia Nielsen
Andrea Nix
Jonathan Nix
Leslie Nixon
Ross Nova
Christina Noz
Michael Obert
Charles Oden
Peggy Oden
John O'Hare
Nicole Ong
Paul Orme
Martha Ortiz
Jones Osborn
Virginia Osborn
John Osborne
Daniel Oseran
Deborah Oseran
Nina Ossanna
Carrie Parker
Chad Parker
Susan Parker-Hotchkiss
Ryan Patterson
John Pelander
Mary Pelander
Angela Perez
Christine Petersen
Frederick Petersen
Barbara Phelps
John Phelps
Laura Phelps
Keith Phillips
Carl Piccarreta
Michael Piccarreta
Donald Pitt
James Platt
Warren Platt
Brian Pollock
Jennifer Pollock
William Poorten
Jessica Post
Donald Powell
Susan Powell
Bobby Present
Daniel Quigley
Arun Rao
Peter Rathwell
Ke'opu Reelitz
Ann Remers
William Remers
Sally Rider
Rob Risley
Lusanna Ro
Wilbur Roadhouse
Carolyn Robbins
Philip Robbins
John Robertson
Melody Robidoux
Robert Robinson
Anthony Rodman
Gregory Rodriguez
James Rogers
Todd Roles
Maureen Roll
Terry Roman
Arthur Romley
Carol Rose
Michael Rosenbluth
David Rosenthal
Isaac Rothschild
Lowell Rothschild
George Rountree
Sylvia Rountree
Mark Rubin
Justin Ruggieri
Michael Rusing
Anne Ryan
Jonathan Saffer
Natsu Saito
D. Gregory Sakall
Dee Ann Sakrison
James Sakrison
Marian Salzman
Amy Samberg
Starr Sanders
Cathleen Sanford Haar
Rachel Sattinger
Stephen Sattinger
Ashish Sawkar
Lisa Sawkar
Michael Scheurich
Patricia Scheurich
Ann Schmidt
Ted Schmidt
Eve Schocket
Andrew Schorr
Trisa Schorr
Kristin Schriner
Charlotte Scott
Stephen Scott
Friederike Seligman
Joel Seligman
Dev Sethi
Olivia Sethi
David Shalinsky
Jay Shapiro
Matthew Sharp
Christina Shea
Henry Shea
Andrew Shepherd
James Shiner
John Shumate
Carolyn Sievwright
Ralph Sievwright
Joneen Sigette
Andrew Silverman
Benita Silvyn
Sarah Simmons
Marc Simon
Jesse Simpson
Jason Sixkiller
Laura Sixkiller
Frances Sjoberg
Deborah Sliz
David Smallhouse
Sarah Smallhouse
Hardy Smith
Kathryn Soulier
Autumn Spritzer
Thomas Stack
Nancy Stanley
Georgia Staton
Mary Steed
Alan Stein
Athena Stephanopoulos
Allan Sternstein
Joyce Sternstein
Jodi Stevens
Mark Stevens
Heather Stewart
Ronald Stolkin
David Stoller
Alfred Stover
Henrietta Stover
Benjamin Stringer
Kristine Stringer
Larry Stringer
Gary Stuart
Kathleen Stuart
Bethany Sullivan
James Sult
Sophia Sung
John Swain
Ryan Talamante
Pearl Tang
Allison Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
John Taylor
Suzanne Taylor
Connie Teilborg
James Teilborg
Stephen Thomas
Chelsea Thompson
Christine Thompson
Laura Toncheff
Margaret Tormey
Charles Townsdin
Megan Tracy
Brandon Tryon
Shelly Tunis
Merle Turchik
Christopher Vader
Margaret Vakula
Nicholas Vakula
Annamarie Valdivia
Bernardo Velasco
Roxanne Veliz
Jeff Vold
Jonelle Vold
James Voss
Rad Vucichevich
Amy Vynalek
C. Bradley Vynalek
Joan Wagener
Randolph Wagner
Michael Walker
Cara Wallace
Monica Walsh
Randall Warner
John Warnock
Keri Weaver
Jayme Weber
Rebecca Weisberg
Elliott Weiss
Tracy Weiss
Janice Wezelman
Charles Whitehill
Michael Widener
Peggy Ann Widener
Jill Wiley
Craig Williams
Mary Bullington Williams
Robert   Williams
Lawrence Wilson
Charles Wirken
Lynne    Wood Dusenberry
Angela Woolridge
Jeffrey Worley
Jennifer Wortman
Anna Wright
Sarah Wright
Cara Wright-Talamante
Ellen Yasmer
Richard Yetwin
Roger Young
Frank Zapata
Josefina Zapata
James Zeeb
Michael Ziegler
Gloria Zlaket
Thomas Zlaket


Sherry Thompson-Taylor ('95) was recently appointed as the Division Chief of the Insurance Fraud Division of the San Diego County District Attorney's office. She previously served as the head of  the Disability Healthcare Insurance Fraud Team, which combats insurance fraud by medical professionals and individual claimants involved in all aspects of billing fraud, identity theft and prescription fraud, and for two years as the Assistant Chief. In her new position she supervises 60 employees and coordinates grants for six units with a $12 million budget.

Warm congratulations, Sherry!

Save the Date! LCA Annual Awards Dinner, Mar. 3

The 2017 Law College Association Annual Awards Dinner will be held on March 3, at 5 p.m. at the College of Law.  Plan to attend, and celebrate this year's awardees: 

Judge Bobby Baldock* ('60) (UA Alumni Association Public Service Award)
John Lacy ('67) (UA Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award)
Gabriel S. Galanda ('00) (UA Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award)
The Florence Project (Law College Association Award) 

* We offer our sincere apology for the misspelling of Judge Baldock's name in last week's issue!

Registration is now open!  (Note: this is an updated link.)

Attendees enjoying last year's LCA dinner.

Geof Stone has for some time been one of the leading constitutional theorists in the United States. He is also a wonderful teacher. 

How do I know? As his student I was lucky enough to have several classes with him, including constitutional law.

In addition to his powerful scholarship, he is a public intellectual, and has engaged the broader community on issues of free speech, liberty, privacy, and government power. He is a superb speaker, and I hope you will be able to join us for the 2017 Marks Lecture.


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