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As the co-chairs of the 2015 Arizona Law Gutter Bowl, it is our sworn duty to remind our fellow alumni that our connections with Arizona Law transcend fundraising into "fun-raising" -- and what better venue than the apex of skill and athleticism provided by a bowling alley for some friendly time together over pins, bowling balls, pizza, and beer.


The Gutter Bowl is a longstanding tradition in which alumni, students, and faculty compete for a score -- whether it is the lowest or highest score, and even if the importance of scorekeeping dissipates over the course of the evening. There will be food, fun, and the opportunity to catch up with fellow alumni and friends of the College of Law. 


This year the Gutter Bowl will be held on Wednesday, March 4th at Bowlmor Scottsdale, 7300 East Thomas Road (northeast corner of Thomas and Scottsdale Road).


We do not endorse, but do expect to see, side betting on scores. We do not encourage, but also expect to see, firm-to-firm and alumni class-to-class challenges. Heckling is encouraged.  Again, there will be lots of pizza, bowling, and beer.


Please adhere to the following rules while playing:

  • If you are bowling against a Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, practice due diligence and let them win.
  • Recklessly throwing your ball at the pins may result in a jury of your teammates shouting, "Boooo!"
  • Partners can deduct billable time from associates for fancy throwing routines.
  • The First Amendment has been found to include bragging rights.
  • Never bowl without first hitting up the snack bar.
  • By playing, you waive the right to any claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress.
  • You also waive any claims that stem from being set upon by the roving co-chairs with open mikes during the competition.



Until the footnotes (for now),


Steve Hirsch ('80) & 

Chas Wirken ('75)



Tom Stack ('05)

Tom and his wife, Kristy, on vacation.
Tom and his wife, Kristy, 
on vacation.


One of the great attorneys in Arizona is Tom Stack -- always willing to pitch in and truly a good man.   


Tom is an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Phoenix where he represents the City in a wide variety of civil litigation matters, including liability defense, eminent domain cases, and constitutional issues.  


He is a double Wildcat -- having attended both undergrad and law school at the UA. He says that he chose to go to law school because of the diverse career options in law, business, or even politics that the degree could lead to. "I didn't have my mind made up as to what I wanted to do when I grew up," Tom shared. "Law school would open up a lot of doors."


It certainly did open doors for Tom. He was an articles editor for the Arizona Law Review and interned with Senator Jon Kyl, working on his Senate Judiciary Subcommittee staff. He recalls the internship experience being one of the most influential during law school.


"It was an outstanding experience working on Capitol Hill for a semester, on issues such as cyber terrorism, seaport security, and crime victims' rights. We worked on the Crime Victims' Rights Act that Senator Kyl and Senator Dianne Feinstein co-sponsored, and that passed the Senate during my semester. It was signed into law later that year."  


During law school, he was a summer associate for Ryley Carlock & Applewhite and went on to work at Ryley as an associate and then shareholder, up until a couple of months ago.


Now aside from his professional life -- the most important story is the birth of Sadie Leah Stack! On January 19th, Tom and his wife, Kristy Peters, welcomed home their first child. They have spent many months getting ready for her and are so excited to be parents (even if a little sleep deprived). We wish them all of the best in his new journey -- and hope their supply of diapers is plentiful!

Sadie with her dad.
Sadie with her dad.

Tom also has the great fortune of working with us and the true leaders of the Gutter Bowl committee: Alison Bachus, Jessica Post, Geoff Balon, and Coree Neumeyer. They are all exceptional alumni and this event would not be possible without them.  


Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.


Adrian Saenz ('15)


Dedication. That is the motto of Adrian Saenz. Once he has set a goal he puts everything he has into it. Both on campus and in the legal community, Adrian has made a lasting impact.


It is one our great (and frequent) privileges to tout the high quality of our students at Arizona Law. As a devoted student of criminal law, we know Adrian will one day be one of the leading advocates in Arizona. You can see it in his passion.


Adrian came to Arizona Law after receiving his bachelor's at Arizona State University in justice studies with a minor in Spanish -- which he speaks fluently. He originally thought business was the path for him, but after a couple of criminal law courses in undergrad, he was hooked.


"I am a first generation Hispanic with both parents being immigrants from Mexico. Becoming the first lawyer in my family is a huge accomplishment for the family and is what continues to motivate me."  


Like so many Arizona Law students, Adrian has become deeply involved with the life of the College, and the University. He served as President of the Latino Law Student Association, and Secretary for the Student Bar Association.  Adrian is a staff writer for the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law. He was also elected as one of two college representatives to the UA Graduate Student and Professional Council.

Adrian with one of his nephews.
Adrian with one of his nephews.


This past summer he interned in the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office, which strengthened his desire to practice criminal law. He is also a student attorney in the criminal defense clinic and an ardent apprentice of trial advocacy. Last semester, he was a student attorney in the immigration law clinic where he led a successful asylum hearing for a client from El Salvador.


It comes as no surprise that, when asked about his long term practice goal, Adrian shared:


"I would like to work as a public defender and maybe one day, open up my own criminal defense firm after practicing and gaining meaningful experience in the public sector. I also strive to become involved in my local community as much as possible and continue to make a difference in a meaningful way."


When he is not in court, Adrian tries to stay active, whether it is at the gym or on the  field. He is crazy about his niece and 3 nephews, and tries to see them as much as possible.



Arizona Law Gutter Bowl


The Gutter Bowl was the brainchild of former LCA President Mary Grier ('77), who suggested a night of bowling for a fun way to raise funds and gather our alumni, students, partners, and Arizona Law community members together in a relaxed setting.


Former Dean Toni Massaro looks back fondly at the memories created in the beginning. 


"The skill set at Gutter Bowl ranges from quite terrible (most of us) to some ace bowlers (from the College team, that has included the likes of Paul Bennett, Dan Nunez, and Mike Chiorazzi). Past President Steve Hirsch served as the first, very entertaining M.C, -- a role he reprised many years thereafter -- and we have been graced with special appearances by former AG Terry Goddard, among other luminaries." 


Mary's groundwork has transformed into one of the most energetic events for Arizona Law alumni. If you still are not sure you can make it on the lanes, let's take a look back at some of the great moments from prior Gutter Bowls.














Centennial Snapshot -- Early Law Student Life


One of the earliest law student organizations was the "Davis Law Club," with intellectual, professional, and social aims. The club first met in the fall of 1921 and was named for its mentor, Professor Robert M. Davis.   


Davis Club Members, Jesse A. Udall, J. Verne Pace, Edward T. Cusick, Carl M. Yokum, and Elbert R. Thurman.
1923 Davis Law Club Members, Jesse A. Udall, J. Verne Pace,
Edward T. Cusick, Carl M. Yokum, and Elbert R. Thurman.



Congratulations to Professors Tom Mauet and Dave Marcus on the 9th edition of Pretrial. As one of the most commonly assigned pretrial litigation textbooks among US law schools, the text introduces students to aspects of case development and management, ranging from an initial client interview to the analysis of settlement strategy and terms, and it provides sample documentation for each stage of the civil case. Another example of the outstanding scholarship at Arizona Law.  



Terrorism In America


Arizona Law presents "Terrorism in America:  What are the current threats, and is the U.S. government doing enough to defend us?" with former CIA officer Michael Hurley. This is a free, open-to-the-public event, and CLE credit may be available. 


Wednesday, January 28th

4:30 - 6pm

Room 160


Register Here



U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Visit 


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hold oral arguments during its annual visit to Arizona Law. Seating is available first to those who have registered. Others are welcome to observe on a first-come, first-serve basis as space is available. Arguments will be heard in three cases:  (1) Adobe Systems v. Joshua Christensen, (2) Arizona Libertarian Party v. Ken Bennett, and (3) Mauricio Margain v. Elsa Ruiz-Bours, followed by a Question and Answer Session. 


Thursday, January 29th

9:30 - 11:30am

Ares Auditorium (Room 164)


For more information and to register, please click here.



The Rehnquist Court: Ten Years Later


The William H. Rehnquist Center on the Constitutional Structures is hosting an all-day conference, examining the jurisprudence of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. Conference Program topics include:  Federalism, The Role of the Chief Justice, Criminal Procedure, and The First Amendment and Religion. 


Friday, February 6th

9 am - 5pm

Westward Look Resort & Spa

245 East Ina Road


For more information and to register, please click here.


If you are not sold on attending the Gutter Bowl yet, we will leave you with the most important fact of all. If you win the Gutter Bowl, you will be immortalized in the College for generations to come. You will be forever remembered in the chronicles of alumni achievement.


The Coveted Gutter Bowl Pin
The Coveted 
Gutter Bowl Pin


Sign up for a great evening. If you need help with group reservations (bring all of the associates!), Marissa White from the Alumni Office is available to help, or contact either of us!


A special shout out to Dean Miller for letting us take over the Letter of the Law this week. His commitment to the College of Law is remarkable, and we see great things building under his leadership. We will turn the controls back over to him next week.


See you on the lanes,


Steve & Chas


Steve Hirsch ('80)
Bryan Crave

Chas Wirken ('75)
Gust Rosenfeld


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