We are one week away from the launch of our new alumni directory. Our hope is that the directory will become an invaluable tool for alumni and students allowing you to connect with one another in new and dynamic ways.


We are responding to widespread alumni requests for a current print directory -- but print directories are out-of-date almost as soon as they are printed. The on-line directory should solve this problem, and offer many additional benefits. 


As with any new piece of technology, we know there will be a few glitches. In the footnotes I will share a few examples of how the directory might be used and why we hope you will update your page right away.


As you are reading this, many members of the most recent crop of Arizona Law graduates have just finished taking the Arizona bar exam. We are proud of our graduates and confident in their abilities and wish them the best of luck. I still remember this rite of passage, 31 years after I took the California bar exam. If you see a recent Arizona Law graduate on the streets of Phoenix tonight, don't forget to congratulate them.


This week, we share the profile of rising 3L Gabriela "Gabi" Corrales as well as photos of many of our students in their summer jobs.


Until the footnotes,




Gabriela "Gabi" Corrales ('16)



Like many of our students, Gabi's path to law school began with Teach for America. Gabi, a 2010 UA grad in political science, taught for two years in the Phoenix area before returning home to Tucson. During that time she obtained a master's degree from "the university that shall not be named" -- her words not mine. Her stint in Phoenix made her realize how much she missed the close-knit Tucson community, so she chose Arizona Law, knowing it would open opportunities.


After graduation, Gabi hopes to practice in Tucson. Her ultimate goal is to form a non-profit that provides children with legal assistance. She wants a resource for children that extends more broadly than the juvenile system and can help the child across the full range of life and legal challenges and opportunities.


Gaby and her husband Eric
Gaby and her husband, Eric

Gabi was just elected to the board of the Marshall Foundation, a local organization that supports charitable programs in education, health and youth services. She is enjoying the opportunity to help so many people.


This summer Gabi is working at the Udall Law Firm as a summer associate. Gabi has had the opportunity to research and write about a wide range of topics from business to medical malpractice. She is really enjoying the position, including the collaborative nature of the firm and the collegiality of the attorneys. Gabi also likes the constant exposure to new legal topics and learning new things.


When Gabi is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Eric. Eric owns a liquor auditing business (think Bar Rescue). Eric and Gabi like to try new bars and restaurants and attend art and food events. Currently Gabi is spending time with a new hobby as well -- salsa lessons. 



"I also love to dance. I have always been a terrible dancer. So one day last year I decided life was too short to be terrible at something so enjoyable. I have been taking salsa lessons for a few months now and I really enjoy it." 


Left to right: Burr Udall ('54), Ron Zack, Jessica Dorvinen, Gaby, Jeanna Nash ('03), Mimi Petro ('03), Janet Linton ('06), and Peter Akmajian ('84).
Burr Udall ('54), Ron Zack, 
Jessica Dorvinen, Gabi, 
Jeanna Nash ('03), Mimi Petro ('03), 
Janet Linton ('06), & Peter Akmajian ('84)


Summer Job "Selfies" -- Arizona Law Students Making Their Mark 

Arizona Law students spend their summer working in every corner of the law, government, non-profit, business, and industry. We asked them to share a photo from their summer experience -- or more precisely, we asked for a selfie! I am pleased to see that so many responded without any visible use of a "selfie stick." And it is always heartening to see the wide range of opportunities and interests among our Arizona Law students.

Nick Alsaka spent his summer at the  
Arizona Secretary of State
-- Elections Division.

Lorena Hutton served as a summer law clerk for Judge Baldock for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. On her first day at work, he made his clerks teach her how to change a tire.
Lorena Hutton served as a summer law clerk for 
Judge Bobby R. Baldock ('60)
of the United States Court of Appeals 
for the Tenth Circuit.
On her first day at work, he made his clerks 
teach her how to change a tire.

Derek Abeyta worked on patent prosecution at Shumaker & Sieffert in Woodbury, MN
Derek Abeyta worked on patent prosecution at Shumaker & Sieffert in Woodbury, MN.

John Hilton enjoyed an eventful summer at DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy in Tucson
John Hilton enjoyed an eventful summer 
at DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy 
in Tucson.

John Howard went to Washington! He was a law clerk for the Senate Committee on the Judiciary for Senator Jeff Flake's office, subcommittee of privacy, technology, and the law (pictured directly behind Senator Flake under the thermostat).
John Howard went to Washington! He was a law clerk 
for the Senate Committee on the Judiciary 
for Senator Jeff Flake's office, 
subcommittee on privacy, technology, and the law
(pictured directly behind Senator Flake 
under the thermostat).

Alysha Tseng worked as a Criminal Law Clerk at the Pima County Attorney's Office
Alysha Tseng worked as a Criminal Law Clerk
at the Pima County Attorney's Office.

Centennial Snapshot -- Dean McCormick and the College during WWII

McCormick as a young faculty member
McCormick as a
young faculty member


J. Byron McCormick joined the law faculty in 1926 and succeeded Dean Fegtly to become the second dean of the College of Law in 1938. 


During his tenure the college experienced a wartime decline in enrollment. In the 1941-42 Annual Report, Dean McCormick wrote, "There is the probability that the law student body will next year be reduced to one half the current enrollment." This proved to be the case, as total enrollment in 1940-41 was 77 and dropped to 33 in 1942-43.


In the 1944-45 Annual Report for the college, Dean McCormick wrote that, as of August, 1944, "nearly 30 percent of all the graduates of the College of Law were then in military service." In addition, 47 students left law school prior to graduating in order to enter the Armed Forces.


After the war, there was a surge of returning veterans, and soon the college was filled to capacity. There were 180 students enrolled for the 1947-48 school year. Having seen the college through this era of dramatic transition, Dean McCormick resigned his position and was appointed president of the University of Arizona on July 1, 1947. He remained a part of the law faculty until 1970.

Dean McCormick and the greatly expanded student body pictured in the 1947 Desert yearbook
Dean McCormick and the greatly expanded student body
pictured in the 1947 Desert yearbook


Do you have photos or memories from your time at Arizona Law?  We would love to hear from you.  Please contact Emily McGovern, Centennial Coordinator, to share your images and stories.  




Congratulations to James S. Rogers ('72) who was named Best Lawyers in America's 2015 Seattle Plaintiffs Product Liability Litigation Lawyer of the Year.






A special thanks to all of the Arizona Law Alumni who caught up with Dean JC in San Diego at CLE by the Sea.
A special thanks to all of the Arizona Law Alumni 
who caught up with Assistant Dean Willie Jordan Curtis 
-- affectionately known as Dean JC -- 
in San Diego at CLE by the Sea


Homecoming-Centennial Week, October 18-25 


Make plans to return to Tucson and connect with more alumni during this year's special Homecoming-Centennial Week!  Highlights will include:  

  • McCormick Society Lecture, United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 5:30 pm
  • Arizona Law Lifetime Achievement Awards Ceremony, Thursday, Oct. 22, 4:00 pm
  • All-alumni Centennial Reception on the patio, Friday, Oct. 23, 6:00 pm
  • All-alumni Homecoming-Centennial Barbecue, prior to football game, Saturday, Oct. 24 
  • Arizona Law seating at Arizona v. Washington State, Saturday, Oct. 24 
  • All-alumni Brunch with former deans, hosted by Dean Miller, Sunday, Oct. 25
  • Reunions for the Classes of '65, '70, '75, '80, '85, '90, '95, '00, '05, and '10 throughout the week. Contact Marissa White


Visit to learn more and register!


Next week, the most recent 10 classes of graduates will receive an email from the college inviting them to join the alumni directory. Another group of classes will be sent invitations to sign up the following week, and so on, until all classes are incorporated. 


To join and update your information in the new online directory, simply click the embedded link, create a password, and log on. The default setting makes all information private except class year and a link for other alums to send you an email. Once you log on, you can adjust your privacy settings and edit your information, including your preferred address.


We especially hope you will do electronically what so many of you have done in person -- indeed virtually without exception -- which is to invite current students to reach out to you for advice. To make this effective, and to allow classmates or other alums who are looking for you, or looking for some alum with a particular expertise, we need you to affirmatively invite such connections in the online directory (even if you have done so before verbally), and we also need you to add information on your practice area. The more alums who do so, the stronger the directory will be as a networking and referral tool.


I know you are busy, and even though it doesn't take much time, joining the directory is one more thing for you to do. We understand. Let me share with you just four quick examples of ways that this directory can be helpful to you and our students and why we think this is worth your time.


Your 30-year reunion is coming up. You would like to get in touch with your classmates to plan an event. You can log on to the directory, search by graduation year and quickly find a list of all your former classmates. Or perhaps you are interested in finding out how many other College of Law alums practice in the same geographic area (it is often more than many alums think).


How about this scenario? You need local counsel in Ainsworth, Wisconsin. Using the alumni directory, you can search by city and state and within seconds find an Arizona Law alum practicing in Wisconsin. If the alum in Wisconsin takes the time to fill out their profile on the alumni directory, something we hope all of you will do, you will also be able to search by practice area and area of interest. In a matter of seconds, you can access the entire network of Arizona Law alumni wherever they are practicing.


One more: imagine you are a student from California with the hopes of returning to California. You have secured a summer position in LA but know you need to network to land a permanent job. You hop on the alumni directory, do a search for alumni in and around LA, and reach out for coffee. Without the directory that student has no way to easily obtain this information.


The possibilities for using the alumni directory truly are endless. This new directory makes it much easier for all of you to stay in touch with one another. I hope you will invest a few minutes of your time to make this new tool a success for you, your fellow alumni, and Arizona Law.






Marc L. Miller  

Dean & Ralph W. Bilby Professor of Law
Shaping the next century of legal education 
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