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September 8, 2021


Sep 8

LawCats Live: State of the College TODAY

Sep 15

Prosecutorial Ethics in Real Life: Justin Oshana

Sep 22

UA DC Center: Diplomats as Legal Liaisons


This week we celebrate a legendary Arizona Law teacher, mentor, and community leader, emeritus professor Boris Kozolchyk. For many years, Boris played a central leadership role in opening professional doorways for our students through our International Trade and Business Law program, alongside David Gantz and Sergio Puig.

Later this week, we mark a somber occasion. We pause to remember and reflect on the tragic events that unfolded twenty years ago on September 11, 2001. There are deep lessons we are still learning about the resiliency of our social and political systems in the face of tragedy and profound shocks to our community.

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Arizona Law Professor Boris Kozolchyk Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Global Economic Justice Work


Join all of us at Arizona Law in congratulating Evo DeConcini Professor of Law Emeritus Boris Kozolchyk on his recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Boris was nominated by the University of Rio de la Plata and the Argentine Comparative Law Association for his work addressing issues of economic justice between countries as well as within each country, advancing societies through economic development.

I had the opportunity to write a letter of support to the Norwegian Nobel Committee noting that, having worked with Boris for 15 years, I have come to fully understand how his impactful work improves the human condition and the tends the landscape of peace as surely as if he were engaged in high-profile activism.  

Boris is the founding president and former director of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (NatLaw), a nonprofit research and legal reform institution that he founded in 1992. Recently, NatLaw’s board voted to rename the center in Boris’s honor, and it now operates as the Kozolchyk National Law Center. Located in Tucson, NatLaw maintains a strong affiliation with the University of Arizona, involving Arizona Law students in the center's many projects.  

NatLaw works with developing countries and communities to help small businesses through increased access to credit and acts to encourage investment by creating institutions that protect the rights of all parties. The center also provides law training for legislators, judges, law professors and students, practicing lawyers, and international businesses. 

Boris's work has transformed lives, communities, and nations. As an example, he worked to establish a Model Inter-American Law of Secured Transactions (MIASTL). Before MIASTL, Honduran law required farmers to own their cropland in order to use it as loan collateral. The MIASTL, drafted mostly by NatLaw, changed the legal requirement from ownership to possession, allowing thousands of farmers to access credit for the first time in their lives.

Boris and NatLaw have introduced similar reforms like MIASTL within every sector of Latin American, African, and Asian economies. 

In Costa Rica, under Boris’s leadership, a law allowing expensive fruit juicing equipment to be used as long-term loan collateral meant that juice sellers could secure loans for a much longer period. The change improved the lives of thousands of juice vendors. In multiple Latin American countries, the expansion of acceptable loan collateral led to much greater credit access for small and medium-sized businesses. 

For many decades Boris’s work has helped provide ethical and fair business practices around the world, helped advance societies through economic development, and improve the lives of everyday people.

As I wrote in support of Boris's nomination, the link between financial infrastructure and robust civil societies may not be intuitive or obvious, yet it is actually quite direct. Legal infrastructure that promotes opportunity allows individuals to achieve higher living standards.

We honor Boris' many accomplishments, and his lifelong success in helping the people of a nation fully participate in that nation's growth.

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LawCats Live: State of the College, TODAY!

LawCats-Live_2000x800-_webpg__200612b 3.png

Join us today, September 8, at 12:15 (Tucson time) for our next LawCats Live webinar, a "State of the College" conversation. I'll be speaking with Megan O'Leary, Senior Director of the Arizona Law Alumni & Development Office, reflecting on the last year and looking ahead at the year to come. We will take time for questions from the audience. Please note this will not be a recorded event.


Join Arizona Law and the University of Arizona in DC the Week of September 20-24 

The University of Arizona Washington, DC Center for Outreach and Collaboration is hosting a full week of exciting, in-depth, in-person and online discussions to inaugurate its new space on Pennsylvania Avenue. The DC Center was established to inform and convene leading experts from around the world and extend the impact of University of Arizona research and scholarship. 

Join the College of Law for “Diplomats as Legal Liaisons: A New Model for Legal Education” on Tuesday, September 21, at noon (EST).

We particularly invite all DC-area alumni and friends to attend and connect with us. And if you are based outside the DC area, we invite you join us for the livestream online. Simply select the virtual option when registering.

Explore the full week of great University of Arizona DC events on the calendar and find registration links here

Calendar and Registration

Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, November 4-6

Homecoming-Montage-Date_210720_CC _600x400_ _2_.png

Arizona Law’s 2021 Homecoming celebration is scheduled for November 4-6, back on campus!

We are building an exciting schedule of events and activities to engage our Arizona Law community. There will be online, virtual elements as well, so get registered, stay connected, and watch for event details on the Arizona Law Homecoming website

Reunions this year will be double the fun! We are making up for lost time by hosting two years' worth of reunions in one.

Join Arizona Law classmates and friends as we celebrate reunions for all classes ending in 0, 1, 5, or 6 during Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2021. 

Want to help shape your reunion experience? Contact for details.

Learn More and Register for Events


Confusion Over Health Privacy Law Seen Impeding Covid Battle

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Water's Cheap... Should It Be?

The Indicator from Planet Money, NPR. Featuring Regents Professor Robert Glennon

Faculty members like Boris Kozolchyk shape the lives of students, and through their work, our larger world. Sometimes that work operates on a global stage, as with the leadership of the Kozolchyk National Law Center.

I look forward to seeing you soon, whether it's at today's "State of the College" webinar, an upcoming talk in the Program in Criminal Law and Policy series on prosecutorial ethics, at the UA's new DC Center, or at Homecoming.


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